Degree Requirements

  • To receive the LL.M. degree, a minimum of two semesters of full-time study is required, together with the attendance of the Orientation program. A longer period may be necessary due to the nature of the candidate’s particular program of study, prior legal training, the quality of performance at the Law Center, or other factors. The residency requirement may be extended to include an additional summer session, if necessary.  All extensions must be approved by the LL.M. Program Committee.
  • Each candidate’s program of study is arranged on an individual basis between the candidate and the Program Director, and is subject to the approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • During residency, candidates must earn a minimum of 26 semester hours of credit. All candidates must complete an academic legal writing project, either as an
    independent supervised research project on a topic approved by a faculty advisor, or a seminar with an upper-level writing requirement.
  • The 26 semester hours are allotted as follows:
    • Two hours allotted for Introduction to United States Law (required for all LL.M. candidates), and 2 hours for Legal Research & Writing I (required for all international LL.M. candidates).
    • The balance of the hours is allotted for regular courses and seminars.
    • Of the semester hours allotted to courses and seminars, two or three semester hours will be allotted to the academic legal writing project and must result in a paper of publishable quality, upon discretion of the LL.M. Program Committee.
  • Degrees are awarded by the faculty upon the favorable recommendation of the Program Director, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and the LL.M. Program Committee. To receive a favorable recommendation, the candidate’s work as a whole must exhibit sufficiently high quality and scholarly maturity. A minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.4 for regular courses and 2.8 for the academic legal writing project is generally required. Graduate students who do not receive a 2.4 average at the end of the Fall semester will be notified of the extreme difficulty to raise their average to a 2.4 cumulative average in one semester. For more information, consult with the Program Director. Any candidate who does not complete all program requirements, including the academic legal writing project, by the end of Spring semester will not be eligible to fully participate in all graduation ceremonies, held each year at the end of May.