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The LSU LL.M. Class of 2020 at the Louisiana Supreme Court

Friday, August 9, 2019, marked a highlight in the LL.M. Orientation, with a field trip to New Orleans including a visit to the Supreme Court of Louisiana, located in the superbly renovated court building at 400 Royal Street. With five J.D. students driving our international students, team-building opportunities were optimal, and even improved as a former LL.M. and a group of legal interns from France and Quebec joined the group both for lunch and a walking tour of the French Quarter.
LSU Law thanks Trina Vincent and Robert Gunn for the tour of the Museum and Court Building, Miriam Child, Director of the Law Library of Louisiana, for the visit of the Rare Books Room, and David Rigamer for the photos.

The LLM Group with JD students and Prof. O. Moreteau in front of Chief Justice E.D. White statue and the Louisiana Supreme Court building in the background. LLM and JD students with Prof. Moreteau in the Louisiana Supreme Court Courtroom Library Director Miriam Child presenting rare law books to LLM students The group perusing old law books in the rare book room Six French students from the LLM, one of them holding the original edition of the 1804 Code Napoleon Professor Moreteau with two lawyers from Argentina in the Rare Book Room LLM and JD students behind the old Bench at the Louisiana Supreme Court Museum