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The Paul M. Hebert Law Center is committed to providing equal opportunity for all qualified persons in admission to, participation in, or employment in the programs and activities which the Law Center operates without regard to race, creed, color, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, sex, national origin, age, mental or physical disability or veteran’s status.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

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The Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center invites nominations and applications from exceptional candidates for the position of Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, reporting to and acting in coordination with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Dean, administers the Law Center’s interactions with its students, focusing on the academic, intellectual, psychological, and personal aspects of student life at the Law Center. In addition, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs supervises the Director of Admissions and the Director of Career Services, and works closely with all other administrators to ensure that LSU Law students experience a supportive, inclusive, and successful legal education. This position is a professional, non-faculty position.

Responsibilities include:

50%: Provide leadership, vision, and supervision to the Office of Admissions and Office of Career Services and consult and supervise the Directors of Admissions and Career Services in the development and implementation of strategies and operational policies. Coordinate with the Associate Dean for academic affairs in the investigation, prosecution and resolution of student disciplinary matters. Working with the University’s Title IX Coordinator in matters involving students.

30%: Making administrative decisions related to academic and curricular rules and regulations and the requirements of matriculation. Periodically reviewing students’ academic progress and coordinating with all academic support personnel to ensure students experiencing academic difficulties are aware of resources available to aid their academic progress. Administering all other programs relating to student well-being and Law Center success. Reviewing appeals related to college reinstatement, resignation/drop requests, requests to retake courses earned with unsatisfactory grades, requests to waive college or university regulations and requests for course substitutions. Overseeing student status requests, including, but not limited to, withdrawal, transfer, visits, letters of good standing, certifications of graduation, character and fitness requests from state bar examiners, etc. Overseeing the creation of examination schedules and
coordination and administering exams. Administering student academic accommodations pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Assisting the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in preparing and administering a 1L orientation program. Helping to collect and analyze bar examination statistics. Providing accurate student-related data to the Dean for accrediting agencies and the annual ABA questionnaire. Working with the Law Center’s Diversity & Professionalism Committee to foster diversity and inclusion initiatives. Coordinate with LSU Student Health Center in supervising the embedded counselor at the Law Center.

10%: Developing and reviewing University policies related to students’ rights and responsibilities, which requires knowledge of Federal and state laws and mandates. Working collaboratively with departments including LSUPD, Finance and Administrative Services, Academic Affairs, and the President’s office. Serving as a resource to University faculty and staff in dealing with students’ disruptive behavior within and outside the classroom.

10%: Provides guidance to Law Center student organizations, including the SBA and various student boards. Other duties as assigned.

Minimum requirements: A JD degree from an ABA-accredited law school. At least five years’ experience in student affairs, admissions, career services, educational administration, or a related field.

Preferred requirements: Experience in student judicial affairs and/or other conflict resolution is also desirable.

Special Requirements: As with all LSU employees, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs has an obligation to assist students in the acquisition of necessary services. Should a student appear in need of or seek assistance with issues of an emotional, behavioral, or mental health related matter they should be referred to the proper service within the Student Health Center. In situations where the student creates an impression that they are a danger to themselves or others, the advisor should immediately contact the Care Team or the appropriate law enforcement agency. The employee outside of those rights contained within FERPA should create no impression of client or patient confidentiality.

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Adjunct Faculty Members for Patent Law, Taxation of Business Entities, and Non-Profit Organizations Practice

The Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center is seeking to hire adjunct faculty members for courses in Patent Law, Taxation of Business Entities, and Non-Profit Organizations Practice. Which the exception of the Patent Law course, the courses will begin during the 2020-2021 academic year. Generally, applicants should have a Juris Doctor degree from an ABA-accredited law school, superior academic credentials, and at least five years of practice experience or other experience relevant to the subject matter of the course.

With the exception of Patent Law, there is some flexibility in which semester courses are scheduled and the day(s) and time(s) at which courses are scheduled. For example, a two-credit course might meet once a week for two hours, or twice a week for one hour. Adjuncts generally receive a small honorarium from the Law Center for their services.

Applicants should send a résumé to Professor Elizabeth R. Carter by email at

Deadline: September 27, 2019

Questions may also be addressed to Professor Carter (or in the case of Patent Law to Professor Lockridge as noted below).

Patent Law (2 credits)

The LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center seeks a person knowledgeable about, and experienced in, patent litigation and patent prosecution to teach Patent Law as an adjunct professor during the Spring 2020 semester. The class is currently scheduled to meet from 4:00–6:00 p.m. on Thursdays at the Law Center, from January 16 through April 23, 2020.

Qualifications: In addition to the general qualifications applicable to adjuncts, applicants should also have significant practice experience with patent litigation and patent prosecution and be licensed to practice before the USPTO.

Course description: This course covers various areas of patent law such as basic issues of patent prosecution; patentable subject matter (including both utility and design patents); requirements for a valid patent; patent infringement, defenses, and remedies; and basic assignment and licensing issues. Students will typically complete and receive feedback on a few drafting exercises during this course (such as letters to clients, simple claims, legal memoranda, or portions of briefs).

Additional notes about the course: Most students enter the Law Center’s 2-credit Patent Law course having already taken Introduction to Intellectual Property, which covers the basics of subject matter, validity, and infringement. Patent Law is therefore not an introductory course. Questions about the course may be directed to Professor Lee Ann Lockridge at Questions about the application process may be directed to Professor Elizabeth Carter at

Taxation of Business Entities (3 credits)

Course description: This course provides an introduction to the federal taxation of business entities, namely corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. Topics include an introduction and overview of Internal Revenue Code Subchapters C, K, and S; choice of entity issues; and tax issues related to major events in the life of a business. Note: Completion of or co-enrollment in Business Associations I (LAW 5300) is recommended. Prerequisite: Income Taxation I (LAW 5501).

Additional notes about the course: This course is intended to be an introduction to corporate tax and partnership tax. Students are required to complete the introductory personal income tax course prior to taking this course. Questions about the course and the application process may be directed to Professor Elizabeth Carter at

Non-Profit Organizations Practice (2 credits)

Course description: This experiential simulation course is designed to expose students to the major governance and tax issues affecting the non-profit sector—particularly charitable organizations described in IRC §501(c)(3). Through simulated exercises and faculty feedback, the course focuses on the lawyer’s role in forming, securing tax exemptions for, and counseling non-profit entities, such as charitable organizations, foundations, museums, hospitals, universities, and advocacy groups. Students will draft a variety of documents related to the formation and governance of non-profit organizations and will engage in other simulation exercises This course is graded Pass/Fail (E, HP, P, F) Note: Completion of or co-enrollment in Business Associations I (LAW 5300) is recommended. Prerequisite or co-requisite: Income Taxation I (LAW 5501).

Additional notes about the course: This course is a simulation course (in accordance with ABA Standard 304). Questions about the course and the application process may be directed to Professor Elizabeth Carter at