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2021 Apprenticeship Week Application

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Do you need to attend the Apprenticeship Week courses remotely/virtually? *
Do you plan to take one of the Apprenticeship Week courses offered during the regular semester in addition to the courses you are ranking today? *

Statement of Interest

Please upload a document (.docx or .pdf files only) in which you describe briefly, in no more than 250 words, your interest in the Apprenticeship Week course(s) that you will rank below. This document will be read by the various participating program faculty, and will assist them in selecting students for the various course offerings. Statements in excess of 250 words will not be considered.

Your statement of interest should answer the following questions:

  • What about your other law school course work and law-related or other experience qualifies you for your Apprenticeship Week course selections?
  • What are your professional aspirations and plans following graduation?
  • How can the Apprenticeship Week course(s) you are interested in further your career and practice goals?
Maximum upload size: 104.86MB

Apprenticeship Week Course Preference Rankings

Please select the Apprenticeship Course(s) that you are interested and rank your interest in the various courses. You do not need to select a rank for courses that you are not interested in.

The course description for each course can be accessed by clicking the course description hyperlink - this link will open a new window.


Click Here for Course Description

Faculty: Brooks and Allen
Click Here for Course Description

Faculty: Young and King
Click Here for Course Description

Faculty: Schnabel, Simon, and Mills
Click Here for Course Description

Faculty: Holdridge and Sutherland
Prerequisites: Evidence (LAW 5605)

Regular Semester Course Preference Rankings

If you are applying for these experiential courses offered during the regular semester, then rank the following courses:

Click Here for Course Description

Faculty: Walters and Papillion
Prerequisites: Preference to Students with Demonstrated Interest in Litigation
Click Here for Course Description

Faculty: Philips and Walsh


Please upload a current resume. This resume should indicate your current class rank and your GPA.
Maximum upload size: 104.86MB

Enrollment Agreement

If and when you are accepted to participate an Apprenticeship Week course, you will be registered for that course and will not be allowed to “drop” or otherwise withdraw from the course without the approval of the Director of the Apprenticeship Week program (Prof. John Church). Please consider your willingness to commit to the Apprenticeship Week program prior to applying.

By checking this box, I understand that my enrollment in an Apprenticeship Week course is subject to program faculty discretion. I will be registered and participate in the program for the entire duration of Apprenticeship Week, and I understand that I may not drop or otherwise withdraw from the course without the required permission. I also understand that I may be removed or withdrawn from the course if my performance is inadequate and I understand that such withdrawal may result in a failing grade.