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Student Comments – Externships

“The opportunity to work for a Federal Judge during an Externship was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had during law school. My judge not only guided me as a student, but treated me as a young and upcoming lawyer, teaching me the ins and outs of the courtroom and the practice of law.” – Dakota Hawkins, Judicial Externship, Fall 2017

“Externing for the Court of Appeals allowed me to see, for the first time, how a court operated “behind the scenes”. I was also able to develop a better sense of how to present oral arguments to a panel of judges.” – Molly Reinhardt, Judicial Externship, Fall 2017

I learned so many practical skills during my externship that I could not have gotten in the classroom alone. It’s a great feeling to be able to gain practical skills while in law school. I feel my law school experience was greatly enhanced by my externship. – Chassidy Guidry, Public Interest Externship, Fall 2014

My LSU externship was my first real legal work experience. The fact that I was able to get that experience while still in law school has been enormously beneficial to my overall law experience.” – Jeffery A. Wheeler, II, Governmental Externship, Fall 2014

“The judicial externship program has offered me the best practical legal experience and has allowed me to tie together all of the seemingly disjointed information that I have gathered in my substantive classes.” – Cody Grosshart, Judicial Externship, Fall 2014

“I am so thankful we have these opportunities. I would definitely recommend an externship to all students.” – Brittany Holt, Public Interest Externship, Fall 2014

“Externships provide invaluable networking opportunities.” – Briana Drescher, Judicial Externship, Fall 2014

“Unfortunately law school courses do not allow students access into the realm of juvenile court. However, my externship provided me a wonderful opportunity to observe juvenile proceedings. Furthermore, this externship gave me true direction and purpose for law school – I now have the ultimate goal of advocating for legislative change in the Children’s Code.” – Gabrielle Alessi-Friedlander, Judicial Externship, Fall 2014

“It was great being able to gather first-hand knowledge of the legal field.” – Kendale Thompson, Governmental Externship, Fall 2014

“Greatly helped me prepare for future endeavors.” – Albert Adams, Governmental  Externship, Fall 2014