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Course Catalog – Prosecution

5627 Prosecution Clinic (3)

Prerequisite: The Legal Profession (LAW 5721)

The Prosecution Clinic trains third-year law students in the substantive criminal law, criminal procedure, ethical responsibilities and lawyering skills necessary to be an effective prosecutor. Students are certified to practice law pursuant to Louisiana Supreme Court Rule XX and, under close supervision of Assistant District Attorneys in the East Baton Rouge DA’s Office, prosecute misdemeanors and assist on felony cases. Students in the Prosecution Clinic will learn about the prosecution function through experience and have the opportunity to appear in court regularly; interview victims, witnesses, and law enforcement; argue motions; conduct plea negotiations, and gain valuable trial experience. Students commit to a minimum of 135 hours over the course of the semester. This includes training, classroom time, supervision, and case work. This course is graded pass/fail (E, HP, P, F). Participation requires successful completion of Legal Professions (5721), consent of the Instructor, and requires a pre-semester orientation and training. The clinic will be located at the offices of the East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney.