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Student Comments – Parole Assistance and Re-entry

“Participating in the Parole & Re-Entry Clinic has had an incredible effect on my legal education. Having my own clients and writing and arguing persuasively on their behalf is something that most law students never get to do. I am confident that having this experience as a student will only make me a better attorney.” – Jessica Thomas, Spring 2017

“In my experience thus far, LSU Law has provided me with an education that has surpassed its value, in terms of both its cost and my expectations. Having taken advantage of a multitude of clinical experiences, I feel confident to go out and practice whichever field I choose!” – Jordyn Goody, Spring 2017

“There is no comparison to the clinical experience offered at LSU Law Center. My semester in the Parole and Reentry Clinic exposed me to a range of skill sets that practicing lawyers encounter every day. The hands on learning environment truly helped prepare me for practice outside of law school.” – Alyson Lang, Spring 2017

“Being a clinic participant was one of the most rewarding experiences of my law school career. I was able to interview real clients, analyze their legal problem, and find a favorable outcome. Now when I enter the job market, I feel like I will be able to confidently talk to clients and help them with their case.

Being on an external team for moot court has prepared me for real world experiences. Even if I do not have an appellate career, being on a moot court team has prepared me to answer clients’ questions with ease.” – Aimee Simon, Spring 2017

“As a student in the Parole & Reentry Clinic, Torrie Lawson, with her supervisor Jane Hogan, assisted Wesley Andrews who was granted parole October 13, 2016, after serving 22 years in prison. Torrie said, “I truly enjoyed helping Wesley prepare for his hearing. Nothing could have prepared me for how much joy I would feel after hearing each parole board member vote yes to grant Wesley parole. Wesley has worked hard to earn his second chance, and I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to assist him in this endeavor. This experience has definitely been the highlight of my law school career thus far.” – Torrie Lawson, Fall 2016

“The Parole Clinic puts a personal face on the nation’s mass-incarceration problem, and it gives students a chance to gain practical experience in this are of law.” – Luke Self, Fall 2015

“The Parole and Reentry Clinic offered an opportunity to gain real life experience through representing clients. I also fell like I was giving back to the community through my work with the Clinic,” – Brittani Anderson, Fall 2014

“The Parole & Reentry Clinic offered the experience not available in the classroom. Knowing that your client’s future is in your hands and whether they go back behind bars or home with their family is a type of motivation not present in any law course I’ve taken.” – Jessica Carter, Spring 2015

“Participating in the Parole Clinic was the apex of my law school career. After spending 2 ½ years learning legal theory and analysis, I finally got the opportunity to practice real-life advocacy.” – James Farris, Spring 2014

“No experience in law school comes close. Being able to make a difference and see results first hand is the best experience of my three years here. It’s a lot of work but winning that first hearing make it all worthwhile.” – Jeffery L. Harper, Spring 2014

“The Parole Clinic has been my favorite experience in law school. Instead of worrying about my grade, and what other people were doing, I got to work to truly make a difference in someone’s life. I recommend the Parole Clinic to anyone, even someone not interested in criminal law.” – Kimberly Sheppard, Spring 2014

“Participating in the Parole Clinic is the best experience of my law school career. It gave me skills that will be directly transferable to my practice of law and the confidence that I can be an effective advocate for my client.” – Clare Svendson, Spring 2014