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Student Comments – Immigration Law

Victoria HeyerThe Immigration Clinic is a unique opportunity you can’t get anywhere else. No matter where you stand politically, you have great experiences and really get to make a difference in the lives of your clients. – Victoria Heyer, Fall 2018

The LSU Immigration Law Clinic is valuable, practical, and demanding. It is incapable of analogizing with any other facet of law school. Most of all, it is worth it. You actually hold the life of another in your hands. – Carter Sayers, Fall 2018

The [Immigration Law] Clinic is an invaluable and rewarding experience. Assisting clients in seeking and obtaining immigration status or benefits so greatly impacts their lives. Here, a student not only learns skills directly applicable to the practice of law, but also can see the direct impact of their work on their clients lives. – Brandon Bowman, Fall 2018

I’ve learned more about being a lawyer in the clinic than I have in any course or clerkship. The thrill of success, the agony of defeat, and lessons of the human condition. – Miguel Robles-Coles, Fall 2018

Truly showcases what practice will be like outside the classroom. – Felipe Rojas-Flores, Fall 2018

Kelsey Balzi“Last year, I was introduced to a few extra-curriculars, but the most rewarding programs were the Immigration Clinic and my Moot Court external team participation. It was in both contexts that I learned how to get over any anxiety associated with law school and transform into a passionate advocate. It’s in those experiences that I learned how to strategically help others and solve legal problems. It’s important to step outside of the classroom and understand that your work has real consequences.” – Kelsey Balzi, Spring 2017

Alexandra Morgan“My clinic experience was the highlight of my law school career. I was able to make a difference in the lives of my clients and gain hands-on experience at the same time. The clinic taught me the importance of advocacy and reminded me why I wanted to go to law school in the first place.” – Alexandra Morgan, Spring 2017

Ahmed Soussi“The Immigration Clinic was the most rewarding experience of my life. I had five clients, and being under the oversight of the Professor helped me learn how to manage my time to be an effective advocate for each one. I know what I learned in the clinic will help me in my career.” – Ahmed Soussi, Fall 2016

Carmen Guidry“The Immigration Law Clinic is an incredible way to experience real-life legal work while also helping people in the community with their immigration needs. Not only do clinicians learn so much about immigration law, but also about how to be an effective advocate.” – Carmen Guidry, Fall 2017

Christopher Chesne“Participating in the Immigration Clinic helped me to grow as an advocate, and as a person. Knowing that the work I did in the clinic affected the lives of real people helped me to see what a privilege and honor it is to be an advocate for underrepresented individuals. The experience that I gained in the clinic will follow me throughout my life and has made me into a better person.”
– Christopher Chesne, Fall 2017

Kameron Whitmeyer“Participating in the Immigration Law Clinic has been the most rewarding experience of my law school career thus far. The chance to gain real legal expertise while positively impacting lives was incredibly satisfying. I would absolutely recommend the Immigration Clinic to anyone looking for a more dynamic and involved experience in law school.” – Kameron Whitmeyer, Fall 2017

Lana Georgiou“This clinic is what gave me the motivation to keep going in law school this semester and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with these clients and to have learned from Professor Aronson. I was also so lucky to work with this wonderful group of clinicians–our little eight person family– and call this hallway my home for the last semester. I wish I could come back next semester!” – Lana Georgiou, Fall 2017

Milton J. Hernandez“The Immigration Clinic has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my law school career. It offers practical experience that you cannot get anywhere else, but, is so vital to success after the bar exam. You work in a real world environment, with clients, deadlines, cases and meetings. It’s full of all of up the up’s and down’s of real life law practice. I would not change a second of my experience – except to get to do it again.” – Milton J. Hernandez, Fall 2017

Natalie Awad“The Immigration Law Clinic is a gem in my legal education. My experience in the Immigration Law Clinic has given me the opportunity to improve my writing skills as well as interact with clients on a personal level. My heart will always be thanking LSU Law for this experience!” – Natalie Awad, Fall 2017

“The LSU Immigration Law Clinic provided me with a valuable experience that I could not get anywhere else prior to graduation. I was tasked with representing real clients in real immigration cases. At first, I was uncertain about the clinic as I had little knowledge in immigration law and no experience whatsoever in representing clients. Under the supervision of Professor Aronson, I saw my legal knowledge and skills grow over the course of the semester. The Clinic not only taught me the framework of U.S. immigration law, but also the many ethical and legal issues that occur when working with immigrant clients. My casework proved rewarding to my clients and also to myself in knowing that I was able to change the lives of people in need of legal help. Upon completion of the Clinic, I now have greater confidence in my readiness to practice law upon graduation.” – Evan Fontenot, Spring 2016

“The clinic experience is one thing that this soon-to-be attorney can point to and honestly say, ‘This taught me the practical skills I need to become a great attorney.’ Professor Lauren Aronson takes something as complicated as the procedural hurdles of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization process and makes them feel clear-cut. I would advise law students to take as many clinics as possible; they are worth your time.” – John Peacock, Spring 2016