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Student Comments – Family Mediation

The Family Mediation Clinic has been my favorite experience in law school. It allowed me to step out of the “typical” legal environment and learn about a different way to use my legal knowledge outside of an advocate setting. This clinic is educational, fun, and most importantly, extremely useful in my future professional career, whether I decide to become a mediator or not. – Brienne Griffin, Fall 2015

“My time in the LSU Clinic program has been beneficial to my legal education. There is no other school-based program that allows such practical experience. For example, in the Family Mediation Clinic, I worked to bring parents together to find custody plans that best served them and their children.” – Luke Whetstone, Fall 2014

“Participating in the Family Mediation Clinic was one of my best experiences in law school. Whether you are interested in family law or not, the mediation skills learned in the clinic are transferable to other areas of litigation, and it was great to get out of the classroom and spend a day at the courthouse working with real people with real issues.” – Jo Neuman, Spring 2016

“The Family Mediation Clinic was one of the most exciting classes I have taken here at LSU Law. It gave me a lot of practical experience I can use later in my career.” – Cherry Roberts-Matherne, Fall 2015

“The Family Mediation Clinic was an awesome experience where I was able to get real-world experience working with clients.” – Celeste Birdsall, Fall 2014