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Course Catalog – Civil Mediation

5620 Civil Mediation Clinic (2 or 3 credits)

Students are trained through intensive instruction and simulations in mediation skills and techniques to assist participants as mediators to resolve disputes in civil cases. After training, faculty supervise students in mediating cases referred from the Baton Rouge City Court or other referral sources. The course covers the basics of negotiation theory, the role of the mediator and fundamental norms of mediation, the skills and process of mediation, and the ethics and professionalism of mediation. Students commit to work a minimum of 100 hours over the course of the semester (or 135 hours for 3 credits) that includes all training, simulation, classroom, class preparation, shadowing professional mediators, and actual mediation sessions. This course is graded Pass/Fail (E,HP,P,F). Students who successfully complete this course will be issued a certificate that states that they have met the training requirements of the Louisiana Mediation Act to be listed on the Louisiana Civil Mediation Registry (other requirements are necessary). Participation requires the consent of the Instructor and a pre-semester orientation.