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National Young Energy Professionals’ Law Conference: New Orleans, March 31-April 1, 2017

RighettiThe John P. Laborde Center hosted Professor Tara Righetti from the University of Wyoming Law School on Monday, February 22 as part of our “Bringing the Rockies to the Bayou” speaker series. Professor Righetti spoke on the topic: “The Merger of Trespass and Nuisance, and Potential Remedies Under Surface Damages Acts.”

The “Bringing the Rockies to the Bayou” speakers series has been funded from grants secured from the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation.  In past semesters, the Laborde Center has hosted Professor Uma Outka of Kansas Law School and Professor Alex Ritchie of the University of New Mexico Law School as part of the series.

Energy and NR

The John P. Laborde Energy Law Center hosted a symposium on March 4, 2016 titled “Emerging Issues at the Intersection of Energy and Natural Resources,” co-sponsored along with LSU Law’s CLE department, Campanile Charities, the Journal of Energy Law & Resources, and the LSU College of the Coast and Environment. The conference hosted an exciting lineup of speakers and topics, including:


Professor Marcilynn Burke of the University of Houston Law Center presents on hydraulic fracturing on public lands

Hydraulic Fracturing and Public Lands, Professor Marcilynn A. Burke, Associate Dean, Associate Professor of Law, University of Houston Law Center, Houston, TX

Management of Wastewater from Oil & Gas Activities, Professor Keith B. Hall, Campanile Charities Associate Professor of Energy Law, Director of the Mineral Law Institute, LSU Law Center, Baton Rouge, LA

Energy Poverty and the Future of Coal, Professor John C. Nagle, John N. Matthews Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame Law School, Notre Dame, IN

Can Wood Pellet Markets Help Save Southern Forests and Livelihoods?, Professor Blake Hudson, Burlington Resources Professor in Environmental Law and Edward J. Womac, Jr. Professor in Energy Law, LSU Law Center, Professor of Environmental Sciences, LSU College of the Coast and Environment, Interim Director, John P. Laborde Energy Law Center

The Local Economic Impacts of Natural Resource Extraction, Dr. Mallory C. Vachon, Assistant Professor, Center for Energy Studies, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Energy Policy, Legal Institutions, and Technology: A Dysfunctional Triad, Professor Sam Kalen, Winston S. Howard Distinguished Professor of Law Co-Director, Center for Law & Energy Resources in the Rockies, University of Wyoming College of Law, Laramie, WY

Buying Power: Utility Dark Money and the Battle over Rooftop Solar, Professor Troy A. Rule, Associate Professor of Law and Faculty Director, Program on Law and Sustainability, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Can Solar Power Co-exist With the ESA? Assessing California’s Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan, Professor James Salzman, Donald Bren Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law, UCLA Law School, Los Angeles, CA, Professor, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

The Future of the Canadian Energy Sector in a Low Price Commodity Environment, Professor Monika U. Ehrman, Associate Professor of Law University of Oklahoma College of Law, Norman, OK

Native American Law, Energy, and Natural Resources, Professor Judith V. Royster, Professor of Law University of Tulsa College of Law Tulsa, OK

We want to thank all of our speakers and attendees for making the symposium a resounding success. In particular, we want to thank our students for attending and for providing assistance with conference logistics. Until next year!

John Perez Graphics & Design is a company that prepares graphics and animations that illustrate and explain the geology and technology related to oil and gas drilling and production.  Professor Keith Hall announced that the company recently made a generous donation to LSU Law School to boost the school’s oil and gas program.  In particular, the firm donated use of graphics illustrating salt domes and animations explaining secondary recovery, enhanced oil recovery, salt water disposal, and steam assisted gravity drainage projects.  Professor Hall stated, “John Perez creates great animations and graphics.  The materials that the company donated to LSU will be a tremendous helping our law students understand some basic principles relating to oil and gas activity, and in turn that will help them understand oil and gas law better and eventually will help them do a superior job for their clients.” The link to their website is: www.geoart.com