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Ph.D. in Comparative, European and International Laws, European University Institute (June 2014).

Master of Laws in Comparative, European and International Laws, European University Institute (October 2011).

BA in Law (Summa Cum Laude), Faculty of Law, Catholic University of Portugal. (Degree obtained with highest mark in graduating class) (July 2005).

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Lécia Vicente

Henry Plauche' Dart Endowed Professorship


Lécia Vicente teaches in the areas of business law and comparative law. Before joining LSU Law, she was an affiliate with Fordham Corporate Law Center at the Fordham University School of Law, a postdoctoral research associate and lecturer in Business Law at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a researcher at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

Vicente earned her Ph.D. and Master of Laws in Comparative, European, and International Laws from the European University Institute and her BA in Law from the Catholic University of Portugal. She carried on her postdoctoral training as a Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lecturer at the Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Prior to that, Vicente was a practicing lawyer at international law firms. She worked on corporate, contract, real estate, and civil procedure laws of Portugal and other Lusophone countries such as Angola, Mozambique, and Brazil. She held visiting research positions at the Commercial Law Department of the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, the University of Illinois College of Law, the Fordham University Law School, the Institute of International Economic Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki, and the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon.

Additionally, in 2019, she was a Delegate to the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in her capacity as Advisor to the Secretary of State for External Relations of Angola. In 2016, she was an Advisor and Head of Delegation of the African Union at the United Nations’ High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development under the auspices of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. She was also an Advisor of the African Union at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit for the adoption of the Post-2015 development agenda.

Her work is interdisciplinary. Her main areas of interest are business law, corporate and comparative corporate law, comparative regional development law, contract law, law and economics, contract governance, history of corporations, and legal theory.

Courses Taught

Business Law, Comparative Law

Selected Publications

Law Journal Publications

Lécia Vicente, The Social Enterprise: A New Form of the Business Enterprise?, The American Journal of Comparative Law (special issue) (expected 2022).

Lécia Vicente, Lucia Ruggeri & Kozue Kashiwazaki, Beyond Lipstick and High Heels: Three Tell-Tale Narratives of Female Leadership in the United States, Italy and Japan, 32 Hastings Women’s Law Journal 3 (2020) (Invited Submission).

Lécia Vicente, Balancing Principles in Judicial Adjudication: The Gaps of Rationality in the Conviction of Illegal Immigrants, 43 Fordham International Law Journal 1007 (2020).

Lécia Vicente, The Hohfeldian Concept of Share in Limited Liability Companies: A View from the Common and Civil Law Traditions, 33 Tulane European & Civil Law Forum 41 (2018). 

Lécia Vicente, The Tale of the Silver Fox: The Co-Evolution of Property Rights and Contractual Arrangements in Limited Liability Companies, 26 Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal 189 (2016).

Book Chapters

Lécia Vicente, The Narrative of Sustainable Development: Poland and Angola in Context, in Comparative Law and Legal History (Cambridge University Press, expected 2022).

Marco Rizzi and Lécia Vicente, Defectiveness and causation in vaccine liability cases: The jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of the United States and the Court of Justice of the European Union, in TRANSFORMATION OF ECONOMIC LAW (Lucila de Almeida, Marta Cantero Gamito, Mateja Djurovic & Kai Peter Purnhagen eds. 2019).

Martin Gelter and Lécia Vicente, Abuse of Companies through Choice of Incorporation?, in ABUSE OF COMPANIES (Hanne Birkmose, Mette Neville & Karsten Ensig Sørensen eds. 2019). 

Other Publication

Book Review, International Journal of Law in Context (2021) (reviewing Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing and Emerging Markets: Institutions, Actors and Sustainable Development (Onyeka K. Osuji, Franklin N. Ngwu, and Dilma Jamali (eds. 2020), and Antoinette Handley, Business and Social Crisis in Africa (2020)).

Selected Presentations

“The Comparative Matrix as a Laboratory: Corporate Farming in North Dakota and the Brazilian State of Goiás," AALS Comparative Law Works-in-Progress Panel, at the Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting (January 2022); Comparative Law and International Dispute Resolution Processes, Works-in-Progress Conference, organized by the Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution (CSDR) in connection with the American Society of Comparative Law Annual Meeting, University of Missouri School of Law (October 2019).

“Should we Call it Moral Money: Institutional Ownership and Board Diversity,” 2021 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Comparative Law, Madison, Wisconsin (October 2021); 27th Annual Conference of the International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) (July 2021); National Business Law Scholars Conference, University of Tennessee (June 2021); and Law & Society Association Annual Meeting, Chicago (May 2021).

Capitalism and the Rule of Law (CapLaw) Research Roundtable, The Law & Economics Center (LEC) at George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School, Chicago (September 2021).

“Legal Pleiotropy,” Workshop on Business Law, Discussion Group: “Contract Creep”: The Legal Treatment of Business Entity Organic Documents as Contracts,” 2021 Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS) Annual Meeting (July 2021).

“The Rise of Veil Peeking in Corporate Law,” São Paulo Law School of Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Brazil (May 2021).

“Corporate Due Diligence in Contract and Company Law,” Webinar Series: Business, Human Rights and the Environment in Europe: Connecting the Dots, organized by the NOVA Centre on Business, Human Rights, and the Environment (NOVA BHRE) in collaboration with the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union (March 2021).

Honors & Awards

Herndon Directors Institute Fellow (competitively selected by the Herndon Directors Institute program of the Herndon Foundation to be part of the January 2022 Cohort).

Henry Plauché Dart Endowed Professorship, Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center.