Exam4 Take Home

For take home exams, you will need to go download the exam questions prior to using the software to take your exam. You will start your exam in Exam4 the same way as you normally do with one exception. For the exam mode where you normally type “CLOSED” you will type “TAKEHOME.” This will do several things:

  • The software run as it normally does but without doing a security check when an exam is started. This allows access to other programs and the Internet.
  • You have the ability to start an exam and reopen it later if you prefer. To do so, choose “Select existing exam” when you open the software. Your exam is still automatically saved every ten seconds with additional backups being done every two minutes.

Here are some screenshots of the process that you will need to do to begin a takehome exam:

  1. Go to http://www.exam4.com/org/675 and choose the take home exam corresponding to your class at the top of the page. The example below shows a practice take home exam.


  2. Verify your course name and enter your examID that was issued to you by the Registrar’s office.


  3. Read the information about the exam questions, click “Confirm” and then click the button that says “View exam question.”


  4. The system has recorded that you viewed the questions at a certain time and will give you the time limit set for this specific exam. It will also give you any instructions for this specific exam. You then must click the “Click here to download the exam question” link to obtain an PDF of the actual exam questions.


  5. You will then start your exam in Exam4 to type your responses the same way you normally do with one exception. For the exam mode where you normally type “CLOSED” you will type “TAKEHOME.”