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Exam4 – Practice Test

Things To Do Before An Exam:

  • Verify that you have a functioning AC power adapter and battery. You can also disable your screen saver and hibernation if these are used.
  • Ensure that your Windows Updates, Apple Software Updates, and antivirus software are current.
  • Verify your laptop is connected to the Internet (eduroam wireless network on campus).
  • Disable any third-party firewall software.

Running a Practice Test

  1. The first thing you need to do is download the software. Once installed, Open Exam4 and you will see the welcome screen below. Read the instructions here and click the “OK” button to proceed.

    Exam4 Practice Test Screenshot - Step 1

  2. The “Start or save” screen is displayed next. To start a new exam, leave “Prepare to start new exam” marked and click the “Next >” button. To submit an exam that has already been taken or to “View Exam Submittal Receipt,” mark the “Select existing exam option” and click the “Next >” button.

    Exam4 Practice Test Screenshot - Step 2

  3. The “Exam ID and Course” screen is displayed next. Enter the Exam ID number issued to you by the Registrar’s office and click the drop down menus and choose the exam you are taking. You are required to enter the Exam ID and select the course twice to verify the exam is started with the correct information.

    Exam4 Practice Test Screenshot - Step 3

  4. Verify the Exam ID and Course are correct, check the box labeled “Check box to re-confirm” and then click the “OK” button.

    Exam4 Practice Test Screenshot - Step 4

  5. The “Exam time and Font Size” screen is displayed next. Set the optional countdown timer, any optional alerts that notify you when the corresponding amount of time remains on the exam, your preferred font size, and the number of answer separators you would like automatically entered. Entering answer separators will allow you to get word counts on each answer in addition to a total word count. Please note the optional countdown timer is informational only. It will not cause the exam to automatically end. Click the “Next >” button.

    Exam4 Practice Test Screenshot - Step 5

  6. The “Notice of Instructions” screen is displayed next. Take note of the instructions shown and click the “Got it?” checkbox and then click the “Next >” button. You can disregard the “Enter violation number” box for now.

    Exam4 Practice Test Screenshot - Step 6

  7. The “Exam Mode” screen is displayed next. Type “CLOSED” for an in-class exam where notes and Internet access are forbidden or “TAKEHOME” for a take-home exam. Click the checkbox to confirm the exam mode. Click the “Next >” button.

    Exam4 Practice Test Screenshot - Step 7

  8. The “Almost ready to begin exam…” screen is displayed next. Verify that all of your settings are correct and click the “Begin Exam” button when the professor allows the class to start. Many students arrive to the exam room early and get their laptops to this point and leave it until exam officially begins. After clicking the “Begin Exam” button, the software will go full screen and a security check will start. The security check only happens in CLOSED mode exams. The security check shuts off Internet access and blocks access to files and programs on your computer. If this security check runs longer than 5 minutes or fails, notify the IT department in room 317.

    Exam4 Practice Test Screenshot - Step 8

  9. After the security check passes you will be brought to the screen to enter your exam responses. There are basic options including bold/italic/underline and left/center/right justify. To get word counts, click the “Format” menu and choose “Show Document Statistics” which shows the number of lines, words and characters in the answers separated by answer separators.
  10. When you are done typing your exam, click “End Exam” and then click “End exam now” in the menu bar. Check the box labeled “Confirm” and then select “OK, end exam.” In the dialogue box that shows up, select “Submit Electronically” which will save the exam file on the Law Center server. You will receive a confirmation box indicating your exam has been saved. An encrypted copy is also kept on your hard drive. Click “File and Save Options” and then “Exit.” Select the “I’m sure” box and then click “Exit Exam4.”

If you have any questions or problems with using Exam4, please contact the LSU Law IT Department at or come see us in Room 317.