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Purchase Your LSU Law Academic Commencement Regalia
(Cap or Tam, Hood and Gown)

Students in their graduation regalia

Orders MUST be made by April 16, 2021, at

All Law students will purchase academic regalia for the May 15, 2021, Commencement Exercises. All regalia will be shipped to your home address.

[The decision to wear purchased regalia was made in consultation with the 3L leadership. There is no more than a $5.00 difference between purchase vs rental. In addition, the LSU Book Store will not allow an online rental this year due to COVID, and no personal checks would be allowed. In-person ordering at the Book Store would have been the only option, which is not feasible for many out of town students.]

Note to Class of 2020:  If you need a 2020 tassel, please leave a note under ‘Regalia Special Notes’ on the Cart Page. All tassels will come with a default 2021 date charm unless you add the note.  

The cost of the purchases, with tax and shipping is:

Law Doctoral Souvenir Regalia:

  • Option 1:  Cap, Gown, Hood & Tassel, including tax and shipping:  $106.65
  • Option 2:  Cap, Gown, Hood, Tassel, Purchased Tam, including tax and shipping: $189.10
    • Note: Tams may be worn in lieu of the traditional mortar board; however, tams must be purchased.
  •  Oak Hall offers a Class of 2021 face mask for $10.98. Note that some students have reported a delay in shipment if a mask is added to the order.