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Coronavirus Information and Precautions 

LSU CLE takes the health and safety of its conference attendees, speakers, and staff very seriously and acts to protect them based on the best information available to us at the time. We will act in accordance with State and Local mandates, as well as venue restrictions and directives from LSU Emergency Operations Center.

To provide a successful and safe conference for all, we require all participants to follow protocols, like wearing proper face coverings and social distancing. As information on the virus and mandates evolve, some of the guidance below may change. We will update this section to provide the most current information and directives.

What will be required of participants?

Participants will be required to:

  • Follow all local and state mandates.
  • Wear a proper face covering/mask that completely covers the nose and mouth (Face shields should only be worn in combination with a face mask).
  • Maintain physical and social distance from other participants.
  • Do not attend the conference if you feel sick, have symptoms of COVID-19, been in recent contact (14 days) with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Are face masks required?

Yes, face coverings (masks) are required. They should fully cover the mouth and nose and shall be properly worn. Face shields should only be worn in combination with a face mask and not as a substitute for a face mask. Participants are asked to provide their own face coverings.

What is the conference capacity?

Capacity in our event space will be limited in accordance with CDC and state guidelines, as well as those set by LSU Emergency Operations Center. At this time, our conference capacity is 50 people.

What will be done to promote physical and social distancing?

Participant seating will be spaced out to provide for proper physical distancing. In addition, doors and walkways will be labeled to dictate ingress and egress for traffic flow.

What precautions are being taken for food service?

​​​​​​​All food will be individually boxed or wrapped. Physical distancing will be kept in lines, and where necessary, hotel staff will be on-hand to serve guests.