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Take Charge of Loan Repayment! Strategies for Managing Your Debt Successfully
March 21, 2013 12:40 pm
March 21, 2013 1:40 pm
Career Services
Missi Lightfoot
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March 19, 2013
March 19, 2013
Law Center, 106

Got Debt?

Are you concerned about your student loans and how you’ll manage repaying them? You’re probably not alone. The good news is that repayment can be manageable (and affordable) if you have a strategy for success. CSO is sponsoring a seminar on loan repayment for all interested students on Thursday, March 21 at 12:40 p.m. in room 106. Dr. Jeffrey E. Hanson, a nationally recognized expert on student loan repayment, will speak to all interested students about the options that are available in managing this important financial responsibility.  We particularly encourage all third-year students to attend.  Lunch will be provided.  Please RSVP in Symplicity.

This interactive session will focus on the following elements in developing your own strategy and provides suggestions for loan repayment success:

•             Understanding your loan terms and conditions;

•             Knowing how much you have to repay and to whom;

•             Defining your short- and long-term financial goals;

•             Developing an affordable budget plan and estimating how much you can afford to pay each month on your debt;

•             Selecting the repayment plan that best achieves your goals given what you can afford to pay each month;

•             Understanding your options if you cannot afford to make a loan payment when one is due;

•             Taking advantage of loan forgiveness programs when you qualify for them; and

•             Keeping good financial records.