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Student Profile


Teri Ellison

Class of 2006

LSU Law Student

Background: Graduated magna cum laude from LSU with a B.S. in accounting and immediately attended law school.

Noted Activities during Undergraduate Years:
 I was a member of Beta Alpha Psi, the accounting honor society, and served as treasurer of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.

Why Law School: I knew that I wanted to practice tax law. Although I considered a master’s degree in accounting, I enjoyed learning the law.

Why LSU Law: I chose LSU Law because it offers over eight classes in tax law. The school has two full-time tax law professors, as well as numerous tax practitioners who serve as adjunct faculty. In addition, the LSU Law Center has the reputation of the best legal education offered in the state.

Biggest Surprise: My biggest surprise about the Law Center was the number of opportunities for students to be involved in extracurricular activities—moot court teams, SBA, social events, recreation, and student organizations.

LSU Law Center Faculty: The faculty members have always showed concern for the students’ education experience. Professors Kalinka and Pietruszkiewicz especially went above and beyond the call of duty to help me during my three years at the Law Center. I am very grateful for Professor Kalinka offering to meet with me at her home to discuss future career possibilities. I am also grateful for the guidance and the assistance given by Professor Pietruszkiewicz on the trip to San Diego for the ABA National Tax Challenge.

Curriculum at LSU Law: LSU has a wonderful curriculum for any law student interested in practicing tax law. Because LSU offers so many tax courses, I have taken the same number of tax course credits at LSU that are required in an LL.M. program in taxation. After graduating LSU Law Center, a student is more than prepared to practice tax law.

Honors/Interests While in Law School: I served on the Law Center’s Ethics Committee, as vice president of the Tax Club, and was supervising coordinator of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. I was a member of the Order of the Coif and a recipient of the Frank L. Maraist scholarship. I also won first place in the 2005 ABA National Tax Challenge and ten CALI awards for the highest grade in a class.

For Fun:
 I enjoy running the LSU lakes and reading (non-law) books. I also love traveling to Caribbean beaches during school breaks.

Why She is Unique:
 I guess that would be my love of learning about foreign countries, which is one of the reasons I plan to practice international tax law.

Career Aspirations: I will be attending NYU for an LL.M. in taxation. After obtaining my LL.M., I hope to clerk for the U.S. Tax Court. My focus in tax law is going to be international tax and tax policy.