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Shane Sandefer

Class of 2005

LSU Law Student

Background: An LSU civil engineer who studied geoenvironmental engineering in grad school and practiced as an environmental engineer for five years before choosing to go to LSU Law.

On the Gulf South Region: I knew that if I got a law degree from LSU I would have a lot of options. Employers in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida as well as Louisiana seem to respect LSU Law. It won't be much of a problem to get a job anywhere in the Gulf South region. I like this part of the country because it's family-friendly, and I have a baby on the way.

On Environmental Law at LSU: It's a very good program. Professors and adjuncts who work in the environmental industry come in and teach classes that are extremely practical. There's also an Environmental Law Society that educates individuals on opportunities - I was its vice-president.

On the LSU Law Culture: The Chancellor has done a wonderful job of taking care of students, making us feel welcome at LSU, making us feel like we can succeed. While the first year is extremely demanding, the faculty and staff are very supportive. They try and help you to succeed.

On Balance: LSU is extremely balanced in its views from the conservative side and from the liberal side. It's not extremely left or extremely right, like many law schools in other parts of the country. People are very open to arguments from various points of view. You don't feel chastised for speaking your mind and letting other people know your views. No one is squelched. And it makes you a better attorney when you've heard arguments for both sides. Maybe that's why LSU has been very successful in moot court competitions - students can make arguments for both sides.

On Extracurricular Activities: There are many, many different societies to join, from the ACLU to the Christian Legal Society, from the Federalist Society to the Civilian Society to the Criminal Defense Attorney organization. There are many speakers with open debates and varying viewpoints. And it's not just legal. There's flag football, basketball, and LSU football, to name a few. LSU Law is very proactive in getting students involved, which makes for a much more enjoyable experience. You're not just going to classes all day and then going home and studying. There are so many things to participate in - it breeds camaraderie.