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Student Profile


Ross Mouhot

Class of 2006

LSU Law Student

Background: Received undergraduate degree in liberal studies/pre-law with a minor in psychology from McNeese State University; was director of financial affairs and a senator in the Student Government Association; vice president of the Blue Key National Honor Fraternity; and president of Kappa Alpha Order Fraternity. Also served as an MSU Foundation Ambassador and a Blue/Gold Peer Leader.

Why Law School: I always knew I wanted to continue my education beyond my undergraduate degree. While exploring other educational options such as university administration and public administration, I always seemed to return to a legal education as the best fit and background for what I desired from a career. Law school offered a prestigious degree, a significantly increased earning potential, and a great background for success.

Why LSU Law: My long-term goal is to enter politics in Louisiana and in the short-term, I wanted to practice law in Louisiana. LSU Law provided the best background for Louisiana practice and at a comparatively reasonable price.

Biggest Surprise at LSU Law Center:
 I was surprised at the number of students who, like me, did not attend LSU for their undergraduate degree. I had classmates from Princeton, Georgia, Temple, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina and Vandy to name a few. I was also surprised at the number of people from other SEC schools that quickly became Tiger fans.

LSU Law Faculty: I expected a “good ole’ boy” faculty of Louisiana lawyers, but I quickly learned the extent of the diverse backgrounds and interests represented at the Law Center. Like any school’s faculty, there are always professors who rub you the wrong way or who are on the other side of the political fence, but overall, I was impressed by how many of them are considered an authority in their respective fields. The adjunct faculty also did a great job of helping us make our academic lessons practical.

Special Honors/Interests: I was a member of the 2006-07 LSU Law Center Board of Trustees. I also held several officer positions as a member of the Student Bar Association, specifically president, vice president, and junior class secretary. I was included in the Who’s Who of American Law Students in 2004 and proud to serve as a Law Center Ambassador. I was also proud to serve as captain of the Dirty Briefs, an LSU Intramurals softball team.

For Fun: I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing just about all sports and attending sporting events. I’m also a big music fan.

What Makes Him Unique: While attending law school, a classmate and I were the Friday night act at WalkOn’s Bistreaux. I sang lead, played harmonica, and occasionally tried out the bongos. My friend played guitar and sang.

Career Aspirations: Preparation for the Future:
 After taking the Louisiana Bar Exam, I moved to Houston, TX to work in the state and local tax department at a tax and business advising firm affiliated with UHY. Eventually, I’d like to end up in some level of state politics or university administration. LSU Law has given me the ability to adapt to any situation and has provided me with the tools to succeed in just about any environment.