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Student Profile


Ronald Haley, Jr.

Class of 2006

LSU Law Student

Background: Undergraduate degree in political science from Xavier University in New Orleans. Class vice president three different times and served as the SGA political action chair. A member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and the Peer Dean Association.

Why Law School: I have always had a fascination with the law and public policy. Regardless of the field, the shaping and changing of society in this country could not have been done without lawyers and I wanted to be one of them.

Why LSU Law: I always wanted to practice law in my home state and it was the premier law school in the state of Louisiana. Further, after talking with Daphne James in Admissions, it was brought to my attention that LSU Law students’ high bar passage rates extended beyond the state of Louisiana. After that I was sold.

Biggest Surprise About LSU Law: I was told that the Law Center was not student friendly, however, the support that I received from the administration for all of my extracurricular activities proved to me that if that was ever the case, it was not anymore.

LSU Law Faculty: I had a good relationship with all of my professors. I felt privileged to learn from some of the individuals who write and shape the law that is practiced in the state of Louisiana. There are faculty members who had an impact on my law school experience beyond the classroom and without them I would not be the student that I was and the lawyer that I am going to be. They are Professors Hoch, Goring, Pietruszkiewicz, White, Baier, Maraist, Devlin, and Simien.

LSU Law Curriculum: Hard, but fair (w/ the exception of legal traditions)

Special Honors/Interests: I participated in Flory Trials and was a member of BLSA and Law Democrats. I was elected president of the LSU BLSA chapter after my first year of law school. During my second year, I became the second student in the history of the law center to serve on the regional level of NBLSA and the first to serve on the national executive board of BLSA when I was elected as regional chair of the Southern Region of NBLSA. As regional chair, I oversaw 44 BLSA Chapters and over 1100 law students. At the National Convention in Washington D.C., I was given the First Annual Region of the Year Award, for the success of the Southern Region for 2005-2006.

For Fun: Sports, read, socialize, and write.

Career Aspirations--LSU Law Preparing You for the Future: I will be opening my own law practice with a few of my classmates. After growing our firm to the heights of our satisfaction, I hope to one day formally get into politics on some level. I hope to focus on employment, criminal, family, and health law. I believe the education I received here speaks for itself on how it has prepared me for my legal future. However, the extraordinary amount of support the Law Center gave me in pursuing goals outside of the classroom is something I will be forever grateful. The Law Center helped me polish skills that I already had and find ones in me that I never thought existed.