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Matthew Greig

Class of 2006

LSU Law Student

Background: A political science major at Millsaps College in Jackson, editor of The Civilian, the Law Center's student newspaper.

Why Law School: I hated that people always thought I was going to law school because I was a political science major. I really didn't like being a foregone conclusion. But in my senior year in college, I took constitutional law. I liked it, but most importantly it helped me get behind the idea of being a lawyer. I really took an interest in it. I already knew I wanted to work for the government - I enlisted in the Naval Reserve my junior year - and thought the two meshed nicely.

Why LSU Law: When I began researching law schools, I was very naïve. I thought to do the sorts of things I wanted to do, I had to go to a big-name private university, that if I went to LSU, my career options were very limited. But as I started researching the school and its programs, I realized that's just not true. I was introduced to faculty from around the world and an alumni group doing incredibly diverse things. Any school can tout fancy statistics, but it makes it real when you see people doing amazing things you admire and respect. Now that I'm here, I'm loving having the "big-school" experience, and glad to have my state's flagship university as a part of my educational background.

Favorite thing about Campus Life: There are always people around and lots going on. I really like the dairy store. I tell everybody about it. The LSU ag students make ice cream and cheese from the cows they raise and sell it on campus.

Summer Experience: I clerked for the Army JAG in the contract appeals division in Washington, D.C. It was, surprisingly, very interesting. Because it's the army, nothing is ever small fry. We dealt with contracts for millions and millions of dollars - from cutting the grass on a base to developing experimental missile systems. The Army also has a great presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, setting up governments and legal systems, and I did some work on that.

Career Goals: The first "Alumni Spotlight" story we did in The Civilian last year was on Capt. Dan Stigall, who is in the JAG Corps in Iraq. His job is to set up a property claims office where Iraqis come to be reimbursed for property that has been taken by the prior regime. That's the kind of thing I'm interested in doing. I want to work in an agency active in not just foreign policy but in development - economic and foreign aid, or regime change and development as is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan.