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Mary Beth Balhoff

Class of 2005

LSU Law Student

Background: Undergraduate finance major at LSU with a focus on internal auditing, Law Review, Order of the Coif, clerking for Judge W. Eugene Davis in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal, then moving to work for a leading law firm in Dallas.

Why Law: I wanted to be forward thinking, to use my mind. I knew that the law would open up those doors for me. I have uncles and cousins who are attorneys, and it interested me.

Why LSU: I'm from here, I had family members who had gone here, and I knew it was a good school for the price. It was definitely worth considering. I looked at Georgia, Denver, and Wake Forest. But it came down to LSU & I loved going here as an undergrad, and from the reputation I'd heard, it was my best option.

Biggest Surprise: I thought it was going to be more competitive. Everybody strives to do his or her best, and I expected it to be more cutthroat but everybody works together.

Faculty: At LSU, you have a good opportunity to work with your professors. You feel comfortable about going to them and asking questions or asking for help in whatever you need, whether it be looking for a job, understanding a concept in class, or working on a paper. I could just write any one of my professors an e-mail and ask a question, and I feel I could do that for years to come.

Outside Cass: I spent a lot of time studying, but I did go to all of LSU's football games, even some away ones. My entire life I've taken dancing, and I continued that while I was in law school - I did 8 hours a week of tap, jazz, and ballet. I couldn't give it up and it was a really good thing. I had to go somewhere where no one was talking about law. Dancing gave me a chance to get away and do something different.

Most Fun: I went to France for the international law classes that are required, and that was the most incredible summer of my life. We'd go to class during the week, then leave Thursday and go to Switzerland or Spain. I met people that I would have never known otherwise. It was the time of our lives.