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Student Profile

"It's important to jump into things and get involved and that's what I did - socially, academically, and extracurricular activity. I have no regrets or missed opportunities and law school was a great period of time in my life."

Lauren DiLeo

Class of 2008

LSU Law Student

Background: Received bachelor of arts degree from Rhodes College in Memphis, received a fellowship from LSU to work in the Miami Dade State Attorney's office during the summer of her second-year at LSU Law, conducted hurricane-recovery efforts in the Bay St. Louis area as a member of PILS in 2006.

Why Law School: I knew that learning the law would provide me with many options after college and allow me to make a positive impact on the community.

Why LSU Law: I wanted to be closer to my family and LSU has the highest bar passage rate in the state. The LSU Law Center is also well respected by Louisiana attorneys and judges.

Faculty and Curriculum: The faculty is very approachable and down to earth. It's great to be taught by people who have had a big part in writing the law. Now that I'm studying for the bar, I appreciate the high standards that the faculty sets. The curriculum allows you to learn the basics but to follow your own path as well. Because I was interested in prosecution and criminal law, I took many courses that involved criminal law, procedure, trial, and appellate advocacy.

Career Goals: After the bar, I will be clerking at the Jefferson Parish District Attorney's Office. After passing the bar, I hope to become an assistant district attorney. Having done a field placement at the Baton Rouge DA's office and clerked in both Jefferson Parish and Miami Dade County, I am confident that I want to be a prosecutor. I gained trial experience through the trial team I was a part of, LSU's trial advocacy program, and the various advocacy classes that I took. The Juvenile Representation Class taught me that with dedicated prosecutors and defense attorneys, lives can be affected in a positive way through the criminal justice system.

Just for Fun: Baton Rouge provides a lot of fun things to do. During school I would run the LSU lakes, go to restaurants and concerts with friends, and attend LSU football and baseball games. We also took many weekend trips to New Orleans for concerts, festivals,  and holidays.