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Student Profile

"We have reached out in a number of ways through CLE to get a tremendous number of alumni involved in planning and presenting programs. Almost every CLE program – and we have more than anyone else in the state – is guided by an alumni committee."

Former Professor Frank Maraist

Class of 2014

LSU Law Faculty

Background: B.A., 1951, Southwestern Louisiana Institute; J.D., 1958, Louisiana State University; LL.M., 1969, Yale University; teaches classes in Evidence, Torts, Admiralty, and Advanced Torts Litigation; Member of a Supreme Court committee to study financial assistance to clients; frequent speaker at programs for lawyers and judges, faculty director of the LSU CLE program; prolific author on Louisiana torts, evidence, civil procedure, and maritime law.

On LSU Law Students: They’re generally very bright, and they’re required to perform while they’re in school, so they come out knowing a lot of law. LSU Law graduates are disciplined. Our grads can usually out-work grads of other law schools – inside and outside the state. We have a good product and a good image with the bar.

On LSU Law Faculty: Our job is not merely to teach students subjects in the classroom but to prepare them to become lawyers and leaders in the community. That means working with them in job searches, counseling them about the legal profession, and sometimes counseling them about their personal problems.

What He Did This Summer: I finished two more books this summer. It is the job of the faculty to provide not only to students but also to the alumni, the bar, and the state opportunities to share knowledge. We do it by publications and by speaking in different programs. I’ve worked through the years with the Louisiana Law Institute, the Legislature, and the Judicial College (continuing education seminars for Louisiana judges). Classroom teaching, outside teaching, and writing – those are our primary goals.