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Brianna Guerin

Class of 2007

LSU Law Student

Background: B.S. in Psychology from Tulane; owner, Ethereal Image, graphic design, Web design, and promotion firm specializing in the music business; a jazz pianist who is married to a professional bassist, mother of a four-year-old and a six-year-old.

Why Law: I wanted to bring my business to the next level, and law school was the next logical thing to do. It's life's big instruction book. With a law degree, your days are never numbered. As long as you know what your rights are, you are empowered. I don't know what I'll be in five years, but it will be great.

Why LSU: I chose LSU Law because the bar passage rate is superb. I applied to other schools and they gave me great offers, but LSU is close to my house. And the people are very, very approachable. Some other law schools weren't enthusiastic about my sitting in on a class when I was trying to decide where to go. At LSU, it was "Oh absolutely, come in on Wednesday at such-and-such a time."

On the Faculty: I can talk to any of my teachers at any given time. I even had a meeting with the chancellor at the end of last semester to talk about my fall curriculum. The same day I asked, I got a time that was within a week to go meet with him, and talk to him about my schedule and goals. That's not just something you'll do at other law schools. We've got some really, really scholarly people here. Professor Maraist is a leading authority nationally on evidence and torts. The other day we were just talking like old friends. It was great.

On Other Students: LSU Law has a lot of students who are not right out of college. One guy had a military career, there's a probation officer, one of my best friends used to be an engineer, there's the former business manager for a school of music. You have so much diversity. There are a bunch of mothers - I'm not the only one with two kids there. People here are flexible. They want to see you succeed.

In Her Spare Time: I still play jazz at Sullivan's as a way to blow off stress. The chief of the third circuit court of appeal was listening one night. We started talking, I told him I happen to be in law school, and he encouraged me to keep in touch, said I might get a clerkship. I love to see people that do other things besides just going to law school.

On Finding a Job: LSU Law has a great Career Services office. I'm the Career Services poster child. Career Services isn't here to find a job for you, but the staff will guide you. Develop a relationship early on and they will be your best employment tools. They read my thank-you letter, made a few suggestions, helped me with my resume, kept me informed about all the job fairs. I even go in and talk when I'm not having such a great day, and they're wonderful. As long as you're a hard worker and show a commitment to the field, as long as you keep looking and keep trying, that's how doors open to you.