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Support Scholarships

For additional information, please contact the Alumni Office: Karen Soniat [225/938-7763 cell, 225/578-8645 desk or] OR Bobbi Zaunbrecher [225/225/218-2586 cell, 225/578-8705 desk, or].


To attract and retain a talented student body at the LSU Law Center, we must offer meaningful and nationally competitive scholarships. Every major law school in the country attracts top students through scholarships, and the LSU Law Center is a part of this very competitive environment.

By offering scholarships, the LSU Law Center can remain competitive among its peers, particularly in attracting highly qualified Louisiana applicants who are being pursued by other institutions.

In years past, LSU’s modest tuition afforded many students an opportunity to pursue and achieve their dream of becoming outstanding legal professionals.  Resident tuition has increased to over $23,000 for first-year students.  With fees, room and board, personal costs and transportation, the cost of a legal education may exceed $35,000 per year.

The Law Center works diligently to attract outstanding students, and private scholarship funds are critical to our efforts to provide financial assistance to deserving students.

We hope you will consider making a gift to the Law Center’s Scholarship program.

Endowed Scholarships

  • The Louisiana Board of Regents has a competitive matching scholarship program (The Endowed Superior Graduate Scholarship Program) in which donations of $60,000 may be eligible to compete for a $40,000 match.
  • Alternatively, a named, endowed scholarship may be established with a base level of $40,000 and may be endowed once the gift reaches $20,000.

Annually Funded Scholarships

Annually funded scholarships are another way to support students, and  the Law Center encourages law firms, businesses and individuals to consider creating a named annual scholarship fund. Annual scholarships are a great way for a law fir, business or individual to support students, and to receive recognition for doing so!

  • The minimum named annual scholarship is $5,000 and may range to $25,000 or more.  Lesser contributions may be made to the General Scholarship Fund.

Scholarship Donor and Student Recipient Reception

Each spring, donors of our named endowed and named annual scholarships are invited to attend a reception to “meet your student.”  This annual event is a highlight of the year, where students and their benefactors are able to meet and connect with one another.

We are grateful to all of our endowed and annual scholarship donors!