Support Professorships & Chairs

An endowed chair is a powerful vehicle for attracting and retaining the level of academic talent that will propel the Law Center to “top 25 percent status” nationally. The LSU Law Center received its first and only donor-funded endowed chair through an estate gift from former U.S. Senator Russell B. Long in 2004.

Endowed chairs and professorships provide a limited salary supplement to the named faculty member. Additionally, these resources may support a faculty member’s academic pursuits, including research or professional service to the local, state, and national legal communities.

Endowed Chairs (minimum $600,000, with state match of $400,000)

Endowed chairs provide recognition and compensation for distinguished faculty who are nationally and internationally recognized in their field.

Endowed Professorships (minimum $100,000, with state match of $40,000)

Professorships offer the prestige of recognition and a modest annual salary supplement to the holder. The minimum endowed professorship is $100,000. “Double Professorships,” which require a gift of $120,000, qualify for a state match of $80,000.