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Professor Frank Maraist delivered his last lecture on July 14, 2011, in Room 110 to a standing ovation from faculty colleagues, staff, and students in attendance. It was a low-key but heartfelt conclusion to a career that spanned almost four decades of positive influence and mentorship of hundreds of LSU Law graduates. To pay tribute to Professor Maraist, we have launched a campaign to raise $500,000 to name Room 110 the Frank L. Maraist Lecture Hall in his honor.

Are You Running With Me?

Professor Maraist graduated from LSU Law in 1958. During his career, his teaching and scholarship earned him the reputation as the state’s foremost expert in several areas of law. He taught many courses, but was best known as a teacher and scholar in Torts, Evidence, Louisiana Civil Procedure, Admiralty, and Maritime Personal Injury. He authored 23 books and many more articles. Louisiana state court opinions are replete with quotations from and citations to his books and articles. Professor Maraist’s monthly newsletter covering developments in Louisiana law was anxiously awaited and immediately read by Louisiana attorneys. Among his non-scholarly work was Louisiana Law—Laughs and Legends: A Collection of Tales from the Legal Community, with Judge Henry Politz. They didn’t always “name names”, but it really wasn’t necessary—or wise!

Students had to be especially attentive in his class. He’s a “fast-talker”—that is to say, he talks really fast. He’d follow your eyes for signs of comprehension. He’d zero in on those suspected of losing track and ask, “Are you running with me? Are YOU running with me?” He’d persist until he was sure you’d put on your mental Nikes and hit the pavement!

His students often were beneficiaries of his extensive network of graduates and friends. Many lawyers and judges will tell you that they owe their careers to the unofficial (but very effective) Maraist Placement Office, and that the professor leveraged his influence to help them get their first position after law school.

Professor Maraist expanded the reputation and good will of the LSU Law Center by teaching and leading in several different contexts. He taught at the law schools of Mississippi, Texas, North Carolina, Tulane, and Washington in St. Louis. He was the longest-serving executive director of the Louisiana Judicial College, which is an arm of the Louisiana Supreme Court that provides continuing legal education to the state’s judges. He also was the first executive director of the Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel, one of the four largest state organizations in the nation providing continuing legal education for defense attorneys. Professor Maraist also served on the faculty of the National Judicial College. Because he has taught hundreds of judges, his influence on the development of law has been beyond what one would expect of an influential scholar and teacher.

It would be hard to adequately express the esteem with which Professor Maraist is regarded by the bench and bar of this state. A professor of such scholarly ability and achievement, who has as much presence and influence among practitioners, does not come along often!

Professor Maraist mentored numerous young law faculty at the Law Center, helping them with their teaching and bringing them into writing projects with him. His protégés are faculty members at LSU Law and numerous other law schools throughout the nation.

In his retirement, Professor Maraist lives in Baton Rouge with his wife, Catherine, and he continues to update all of his books and publish his monthly newsletter of developments in Louisiana law.

To make a gift by check, make payable to: LSU Foundation; Notation- Maraist Lecture Hall, and mail to:

Office of Alumni Relations
LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center
110 LSU Union Bldg.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-0106

Campaign Donors

To see who has contributed to the campaign so far, click here.

  • Upon completion of the campaign, a plaque consistent in style and size with others on display throughout the Law Center, will be mounted in the Frank L. Maraist Lecture Hall. Donors’ names will appear with others whose gift is in the same range.
  • There will be a reception to celebrate the Frank L. Maraist Lecture Hall naming and plaque installation. All donors will be recognized in the printed program for that event and donors of $20,000 or more will be recognized from the podium.
  • Donors of $2,500 to $19,999 will receive a single year membership in Chancellor’s Council. Donors of $20,000 or more will receive a two-year membership in Chancellor’s Council.
  • Donors receive one (1) TAF point for every $4,000 contributed.

Campaign Steering Committee

For more information, please contact Bobbi Zaunbrecher at 225/578-8705 or any Maraist Classroom Fund Steering Committee Member:

Ralph E. Kraft (’75), Chair
W. Raley Alford (’01)
Richard J. Arsenault (’80)
Adrianne L. Baumgartner
Jane Politz Brandt (’86)
James A. Brown (’84)
Michael A. Golemi (’99)
Alfred “Smitty” Landry
Louis E. “Louie” Layrisson, III (’08)
Christine Lipsey (’82)
Ben L. Mayeaux (’88)
Mark J. Neal (‘96)
Frank X. Neuner, Jr. (’76)
J. Rock Palermo, III (’92)
Darrel J. Papillion (’94)
John W. Perry, Jr. (’78)
Harry J. “Skip” Philips (’83)
Herschel E. Richard, Jr. (’70)
Walter M. Sanchez (’84)
Ronald J. Sholes
Dean A. Sutherland (’75)
Edward J. Walters, Jr. (’75)
Thomas G. Zentner (’82)