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May 2019

We thought we’d open our new Dean’s Council Spotlight series with the current chair of the council, Minor Pipes


Class of 1996

Dean’s Council Member since 2010

Current Dean’s Council Chair

About the practice:  I am an avid litigator in the firm of Barrasso Usdin Kupperman Freeman & Sarver, LLC. My practice areas include insurance coverage and bad faith, construction law and general corporate litigation.

Favorite law school memory:  I have a number of great memories from law school, but the wit and wisdom imparted on us by Tom Galligan, Frank Maraist and Warren Mengis is the common thread across many of those memories.

Best case/professional achievement: I was the lead negotiator in the National Chinese Drywall settlement.  It was a three-year process with over 800 defendants participating.  I am also looking forward to serving as president of the Louisiana State Bar Association.

Why you chose to support the students of LSU Law with your Dean’s Council membership: LSU provided me with the most cost-effective law degree I could find at a school with a stellar reputation.  That degree created my career.  I love being a lawyer and without LSU, that was not a possibility.  I am happy to share that opportunity with others.

Advice for today’s law students: Be prepared. Work Hard.  The law offers many varied opportunities for a wonderful, fulfilling career.  Appreciate what it offers, never take it for granted, and do your best!




 Welcome new members to the Dean’s Council: Professor Elizabeth Carter; John Luffey ’75; Kimberly Lahaye Roy ‘06 and Christine Briede.

Renewing membership are: Jim Roy ’76; professors Bill Crawford ’55, Greg Smith; Paul Baier and Keith Hall; David K. Nelson ’85; Thomas Henning ’84; Mike Patterson ’71; Mary Buffington ’90; Ed Preis ’72; Vic Marcello ’76; Rick Plaeger ’77; Marilyn Maloney ’75; Kimberly L. Robinson ’98;  W. Shelby McKenzie ’64; Brian Haymon ’85; Cyril Vetter ’72; Larry Shea ’78; Jim Lambert ’76;

Many thanks to these leadership-level donors to the Annual Fund!

To see who else is a member of the Dean’s Council click here To join the Dean’s Council, click here.

Where does my contribution go?

Unrestricted contributions help to underwrite the partial tuition waivers we extend to more than 500 students each year.  Your gifts make it possible for us to not only help students afford law school, but to provide the extraordinary experiences that make them more practice-ready on graduation.  Moot Court competitions, field placements, clinics, and highly-specialized short courses taught by our alumni make the LSU Law experience rich and every bit as challenging as you remember it!