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Order of the Barristers

The Order of Barristers is a national honorary organization whose purpose is the encouragement of oral advocacy and brief writing skills through effective law school oral advocacy programs. Students who have excelled in moot court, mock trial, brief writing, oral advocacy, and other advocacy programs throughout their time at the LSU Law Center are selected to join the Order.

Over 100 law schools have chapters of the Order of the Barristers. Students selected for induction into the LSU Law Center’s chapter of the Order of the Barristers are recognized at a special ceremony held prior to Commencement, are recognized as a member of the Order in the Commencement program, and are awarded charcoal-colored cords to wear as part of their academic regalia at Commencement.

Eligibility: The Law Center is allocated a limited number of The Order of the Barristers inductees each year; this number corresponds to the number of students who participate annually in our intramural and interscholastic advocacy competitions and advocacy-related coursework. Any member of the graduating class who has participated in at least one LSU Law Center Advocacy Programs competition (internal or external) of any type (moot court, mock trial, transactional, dispute resolution) at some point in their academic career is eligible to apply for induction. A student does *NOT* need to be a member of the Board of Advocates to be eligible for induction into the Order of the Barristers.

Application Process: Students  who wish to be considered for membership in the Order of the Barristers must complete an application form, which will be made available in mid-March each year.. The applications will be reviewed by a faculty panel, who will recommend the list of new members to the Law Center’s dean for approval.

Selection to the Order of the Barristers will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Membership on external advocacy competition teams, participation in tryouts for external advocacy competition teams, and performance/success at such external competitions, and/or
  2. Participation in and performance in internal/intramural advocacy competitions, and/or
  3. Participation in and performance of the administration of the Law Center’s advocacy programs, and/or
  4. Participation and performance in any programs for the instruction of other law students in brief writing and/or oral advocacy skills, and/or
  5. Performance record in the school’s brief-writing and/or oral advocacy courses.

This application is a holistic application that looks at a student’s entire law school experience. No one factor/criterion is determinative, and students should provide as much information as they believe is relevant to their application as possible!

Students with questions about the LSU Law Center’s chapter of the Order of the Barristers should contact Prof. Jeff Brooks.

Prior Inductees of the LSU Law Center Chapter of the Order of the Barristers:

Class of 2021:

2021 Order of the Barristers







  • Jessica Dell Brewer
  • Hannah Michelle Dardar
  • Emiley Elizabeth Dillon
  • Kaylin Jolivette
  • Mary Katherine Loos
  • Kaitlyn Marie Mistretta
  • Morgan Taylor Sharp
  • Christopher Wagner
  • Stephanie Wartelle
  • Jordan Paul Zeringue

Class of 2020:

  • Taylor Brooke Ashworth
  • Katelyn E. Bayhi
  • Daniel Wayne Bosch, Jr.
  • Sarah Madaline Day
  • Indigo Kate Diekmann
  • Riley Elizabeth Frank
  • Michael Wayne Maldonado
  • Kelsey L. McGill
  • Juan J. Moreno
  • Briana C. Reid

Class of 2019:

2019 Order of the Barristers Members






  • Kaylyn Elizabeth Blosser
  • Ashley R. Delaune
  • Brooke Delaune
  • Justin A. DiCharia
  • Briana R. Falcon
  • Allena Wiggers McCain
  • Zachary S. Miller
  • Molly K. Reinhardt
  • Sohil Sharedalal
  • J. William VanDehei

Class of 2018:

2018 Order of the Barristers Members

  • Erin Nicole Abrams
  • Kelsey Lynne Balzli
  • Brandi A. Barze
  • Jonathan A. Cobb
  • Ronald “Chaz” Coleman
  • Jessica Bankston Finley
  • Jacob McCain Irving
  • Ahmed Soussi
  • Jessica M. Thomas