Many of our incoming LSU Law students have trouble deciding whether to live on or off campus, to live alone or with roommates, to live within walking distance or driving distance of the law center, etc.  Below are some of resources we hope will help you make the decision process a little easier.

2017 Housing Guide – Our law ambassadors have created a review of housing options they have resided in during their time here.  The reviews and comments in the guide are from current law students and are not the opinions of LSU, the LSU Law Center, or the LSU Law Admissions Department.

If you are interested in living off-campus visit LSU’s (main campus) online tool for its students to utilize.  This site includes properties for rent and sale, as well as message boards to find roommates, buy and sell furniture, and a resource center with information on safety, links to helpful LSU departments and visitor information. The site is a user-friendly, searchable database for students that includes photographs and floor plans; maps showing the housing location’s proximity to the LSU campus; direct links to a property owner’s or manager’s e-mail, website and application for lease, as well as unlimited text descriptions and lists of amenities. Log on to https://offcampushousing.lsu.edu/ to get started.

Students may choose to live on campus in East Campus Apartments (ECA) located directly across the street from the Law Center. LSU Law center is allotted a certain number of suites which we do our best to assign strictly to law students.  To access more information regarding ECA and to see a detailed description of the apartments, please visit the housing website at https://sites01.lsu.edu/wp/reslife/east-campus-apartments/.  Interested students must submit their housing application through their myLSU account.

Other housing resources, such as realty websites, are good to use when searching for homes or apartments to rent.

For more information regarding housing, please contact Laurel Miceli, LSU Law Center, at lmiceli@lsu.edu.