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Independent Research

The following guidelines have been adopted by the faculty for students who wish to do independent research:

  • No student on academic probation may register for individual supervised research.
  • A detailed written outline of the topic along with a preliminary bibliography shall be furnished prior to a faculty member’s and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs’ written approval and shall indicate the number of credit hours to be given upon successful completion.
  • A faculty member may deny permission for any reason.
  • The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may deny permission based upon the topic, the workload of the student, the workload of the professor, or any other relevant factor.
  • Normally, a research project shall receive one (1) hour of credit. In exceptional circumstances, two (2) hours credit may be awarded. No more than two hours credit may be awarded for an independent research project.
  • No student may receive more than three (3) hours research credit in meeting his/her graduation requirements.
  • Meetings with the student to examine research and writing progress should be scheduled and should take place at intervals of at least every two weeks.
  • Papers should be due no less than three (3) weeks prior to the last day of classes. Rewrites (normally expected) should be due by the last day of classes.
  • Every paper shall be reviewed by two (2) full-time faculty members. The faculty member who approved the topic shall assign the grade.

Below is the form to request enrollment in Independent Research. The form should be completed and returned to the Office of Admissions and Student Records.