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Entertainment Law 5468 - Professor Corcos
August 3rd 2021

For the first day of class, please read and be prepared to discuss pp. 1-5 of the Prologue; Chapter 1, pp. 9-42 (to section 3, the Broadcasting Exception). For your convenience, the first assignment is posted in the first section of the class Moodle page.

For this class and each class of the semester, be ready to discuss the notes and questions following each section.

UCC Sales (5319) - Professor HOLMES
August 14th 2020

First Day Assignment

For Monday, August 17, read pages 1-27 in the Murray & Flechtner casebook, together with the UCC sections cited therein, found in the UCC Sales Supplement.

Adv. Topics in Healthcare Law Seminar - Professor Church
January 15th 2020

Over the next few classes we will be reviewing the following assigned readings from your textbook:

pp. 1 - 26, 359 - 406, 591 - 601

Please come to class prepared and ready to discuss.

Privacy Law Seminar - Professor Corcos
January 10th 2020

Assignment for January 15th, please come to class with a preliminary definition of "privacy."  In what way might it mean the same thing as: "secrecy"?  When and why might it not mean the same thing?  Why do you define privacy and secrecy in the way that you do?  Did you get your definitions from anecdotes?  Codes?  Cases?  Pop Culture?  We will discuss these definitions in class.  Note: We are just considering various definitions of privacy and secrecy, not assessing whether these definitions are "right" or "wrong."  We will consider definitions of privacy and secrecy throughout the semester.

Toxic Torts - Professor Church
January 10th 2020

For Monday, January 13, read pp. 1-16 in Craig, et al, Toxic and Environmental Torts Cases and Materials (West, 2011).

Constitutional Law II (5421) - Professor Diamond
January 9th 2020

The casebook we will use is Sullivan & Feldman, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW (20th ed., 2019). The book is available in both hardback and unbound versions, at Claitor's, at the LSU bookstore run by Barnes & Noble, and at various websites online. Because the book has a 2019 publication date, it is possible that you may find used books available to you.

Each student must join the TWEN (“the West Educational Network”) website for the course. That website will be active on January 9, 2020. Through it, you may access the syllabus, the assignments, Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) tutorials, and most importantly, additional readings to be found in the Course Materials documents page. Moreover, I will communicate directly with you through the email function that is part of TWEN.

The course website can be reached by going to, signing in using your Westaw sign-on information, and accessing the TWEN link. Keep in mind that all email generated to you by virtue of TWEN will go to the email address that you announced to Westlaw when you received your Westlaw ID.  Be especially careful to check that your email address is correct, as an incorrect one means that communications from TWEN will not reach you.

Some of you will experience some trouble initially accessing TWEN. For that reason, I will be posting any additional readings for the first week on Moodle. Thereafter all assignments, commentary, and additional readings will be posted on TWEN only.

The syllabus is posted to Moodle and to TWEN. The first assignments are below:

  • Class 1: Individual Rights in the Antebellum Era; Casebook p. 444-451
  • Class 1-2: The 14th Amendment’s Privileges or Immunities Clause; Casebook p. 451-462, 477-478 (Thomas concurrence)
  • Class 2-3: Incorporation of Provisions of the Bill of Rights under the 14th Amendment’s Due Process Clause (with a passing glance at the right to bear arms); Casebook 465-484
  • Class 3: Substantive Due Process: Lochner & Its Demise; Casebook 485-505
  • Class 3-4: Non-Economic Substantive Due Process I: Privacy, Child Rearing & Reproductive Autonomy; Casebook 508-526 (note 4). TWEN materials: Obituary of Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade
  • Class 5: Non-Economic Substantive Due Process II: Privacy, Child Rearing & Reproductive Autonomy; Casebook 526-546
Business Associations I (5300) §1 - Professor HOLMES
January 9th 2020

For Monday, January 13, 2020, read pages 1-6 in the Hamilton, Macey and Moll casebook (12th ed. 2014).

Media Law 5430 - Professor Corcos
January 9th 2020

Assignment for the first day of class: Please read Chapter 1, Foundations of Media Law (pp. 3-27), and Chapter 2 (pp. 29-46, to part 4, Injunctions to Protect Fair Trail Rights).

The first day's assignment is available as a PDF on the class Moodle page.

See you Monday!

Antitrust Law 5405 - Professor Church
January 8th 2020

For Monday, January 13, read pp. 1-32 in Areeda, et al, Antitrust Analysis: Problems, Text, and Cases (7th ed., 2013, Aspen Publishers).

Contracts II (5305) - Professor BOCKRATH
January 6th 2020

For the first class, Tues., January 14, please be prepared to discuss pages 329-339 and 341-342 of Calamari, et al, seventh edition.