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Torts 5003 §1 & §3 - Professor Church
August 12th 2021

First Day Assignment For our first meeting on Monday, August 16, read Tort Law: The American and Louisiana Perspectives, pp.1-31.

Contracts I (5001) §3 - Professor HOLMES
August 14th 2020

1st Day Assignment

For Tuesday, August 18, you are to read pages 1-2 and 31-42 in the Farnsworth casebook.  You should be prepared to be called on to discuss the first assigned case, Hamer v. Sidway.

Obligations (5002) §2 - Professor HOLMES
January 9th 2020

For Monday, January 13, 2020, read pages 1-13 in the Litvinoff & Scalise coursebook, and articles 1756-1759 and 1906 of the Civil Code.

Constitutional Law I (5008-2) - Professor Diamond
January 8th 2020

The casebook we will use is Stone, Seidman, et al., Constitutional Law (8th ed., 2018). The book is available in both hardback and unbound versions at Claitor's, at the LSU bookstore run by Barnes & Noble, and at various websites online. Because the book has a 2018 publication date, you may well find used books available to you. There is also a supplement, and while you may choose to buy it, it is not required.

Each student must join the TWEN (“the West Educational Network”) website for the course. That website will be active on December 15, 2019. Through it, you may access the syllabus, the assignments, Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) tutorials, and most importantly, additional readings to be found in the Course Materials documents page. Moreover, I will communicate directly with you through the email function that is part of TWEN.

The course website can be reached by going to, signing in using your Westaw sign-on information, and accessing the TWEN link. Keep in mind that all email generated to you by virtue of TWEN will go to the email address that you announced to Westlaw when you received your Westlaw ID. Be especially careful to check that your email address is correct, as an incorrect one means that communications from TWEN will not reach you.

The assignment for the first class is to read the U.S. Constitution, which can be found at pages xliii-lix of the casebook. You should also read the following documents to be found on the Course Materials document page:

  • Madison's Notes
  • Madison's Vices
  • Virginia Plan of Union
  • South Carolina Plan of Union
  • New Jersey Plan of Union
  • New York Plan of Union

- RD

Basic Civil Procedure II (5017) - Professor BOCKRATH
January 6th 2020

For the first class, Tues., Jan. 14, 2020, please be prepared to discuss Federal Rules of Civil Proc. 82, 83 a, 7, 12 b, g, & h, 15 a 1.