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2020-21 LSU Law Center Committees

Executive updated July 1, 2020 following May election.
P&T and Faculty Review updated January 2020 due to interim appointments.

Executive Committees

Executive Committee

Darlene Goring, Chair
Bill Corbett
Bob Lancaster*
Missy Lonegrass
Christina Sautter*
Lee Ann Lockridge, ex officio
Andrea Carroll, ex officio

Promotion and Tenure

Ray Diamond, Chair*
Wendell Holmes (to Dec. ’20)
Elizabeth Carter*
Christine Corcos*
Maggie Thomas (to May ’21)

Faculty Review

Ed Richards, Chair^
Greg Smith^
Keith Hall (to May ’21)
John Church (to May ’21)
Bill Corbett (to May ’21)
Andrea Carroll, ex officio

* Asterisks indicate members whose terms expire in Dec. 2021.
^ Indicates members holding over at this time (possibly until Dec. 2020 election).

Standing Committees


Maggie Thomas, Chair
Marlene Krousel
Ken Levy
Ed Richards
Greg Smith


Missy Lonegrass, Chair
Lisa Avalos
John Church
Maggie Thomas
Randy Trahan
Todd Venie
Andrea Carroll, ex officio

Diversity, Inclusion, and Professionalism

Bob Lancaster, Co-Chair
Jake Henry, Co-Chair
Ray Diamond
Michael Malinowski
Susan Tanner
Lecia Vicente
Michelle Carter, ex officio
student rep
student rep
student rep

Faculty Appointments and Adjuncts

Christina Sautter, Chair
Grace Barry
Elizabeth Carter
Ray Diamond
Keith Hall
Bob Lancaster
Lee Ann Lockridge, ex officio—appointments
Andrea Carroll, ex officio—adjuncts

Faculty Scholarship

Bill Corbett, Chair
Elizabeth Carter
Christine Corcos
Pedro Gerson
Olivier Moreteau
Clare Ryan
Scott Sullivan
Andrea Carroll, ex officio

Online and Remote Learning Policies

Missy Lonegrass, Co-Chair
Heidi Thompson, Co-Chair
Jeff Brooks
Greg Smith
Todd Venie
Will Monroe, ex officio

Student Educational Policy

Christina Sautter, Chair
Joseph Bockrath
Nick Bryner
Darlene Goring
Ray Lamonica
Kathy Simino
Andrea Carroll, ex officio

Additional Appointments

Advisor and Coordinator Roles

Apprenticeship Week—John Church
Coast & Env’t—Ed Richards
Energy Law Journal—Keith Hall
International Programs—Olivier Moreteau
Law Review—Missy Lonegrass
Pro Bono—John Devlin

Other Designations/Appointments

TBD, as needed

University Committees

Faculty Senators:
Will Monroe (term expires May 2021)
Elizabeth Carter (term expires May 2022)

Fac. Sen. Benefits Advisory Committee:
Bill Corbett (appointed in 2019-20 for 3-year term)

Graduate Council:
Bill Corbett (elected in Spr. 2020 for a 5-year term)

LSU Institutional Effectiveness Council:
Maggie Thomas (appointed in 2019-20 for a 3-year term)

LSU University Planning Council:
Bill Corbett (appointed in 2019-20 for a 3-year term)