Student Life

Campus life at LSU Law reflects the intellectual, social, and personal interests of the entire legal community. As students, you have the freedom to pursue your interests—both academically and socially. A variety of programs and activities allow you to leave your mark on the LSU Law Center, while at the same time strengthening the academic and social life of the institution.

LSU Law students are active in many organizations—from the Student Bar Association to the Tax Club and Public Interest Law Society. Unique advocacy programs, a highly successful moot court program, and other intraschool and interschool legal competitions allow academic pursuits and social activities to integrate seamlessly.

At the LSU Law Center, we welcome and encourage meaningful student involvement as well as student and family fun. Join tiger tailgate parties, Family Days, academic pursuits, or whatever suits your interest. Get involved in campus life! You won’t regret it.

At LSU, there’s always something to do outside class. Sometimes activities are carried out with other law students and faculty, while sometimes they take place on a thriving campus at a flagship state university with more than 30,000 students. Sometimes the events extend knowledge of law and law practice, while sometimes they’re just plain fun.