Summer 2016


Summer 2016

Professor Philip Hackney moderated a Disaster Recovery Panel for the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations at its annual conference. View the panel discussion here.

Professor Christina Sautter’s article “The Golden Ratio of Corporate Deal-Making” was recently featured in Columbia Law School’s Blue Sky Blog. Read the article here.

Professor Philip Hackney is quoted by The Daily Beast for its article “Watchdog Group Files Complaint With IRS Against Trump Foundation.” Read the article here.

Professor Philip Hackney is cited by Bloomberg BNA in its article “IRS Considers Lawmakers’ Charges Against Clinton Foundation.” Read the article here.

Professor Elizabeth Carter’s article “Rethinking Premarital Agreements: A Collaborative Approach” was recently featured on the Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof. Blog. Read the article here.

Professor Philip Hackney is quoted by Tax Analytics in its article “End to Church Politicking Prohibition Included in GOP Platform.” Read the article here.

Professor Ken Levy is quoted by the Baton Rouge Business Report in its article “Federal guidelines may make it easier to hold high level executives accountable for corporate misconduct.” Read the article here.

Professor Chris Tyson‘s editorial “A Slain Officer’s Example for Us All” was recently published by the New York Times. Read the editorial here.

Professor Ken Levy‘s editorial “If You Don’t Support Gun Control, Then You Don’t Support the Police” was recently published by Read the editorial here.

Professor Elizabeth Carter’s article “Rethinking Premarital Agreements: A Collaborative Approach” was recently published by the New Mexico Law Review. Read the article here.

Professor Paul Baier was interviewed by the ABA Journal for its article “Oyez website finds sponsors to take over its Supreme Court audio archives.” Read the story here.

Associate Dean Ray Diamond presented “A Supreme Court Update: Reviewing the 2015-2016 Term of the Supreme Court and Looking Ahead to the 2016- 2017 Term” at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Annual Convention on July 17.

Associate Dean Ray Diamond was a discussant of Fred Smith, Jr.’s “Undemocratic Restraint,” 2016 John Mercer Langston Writing Workshop at the University of Miami on July 8.

Professor Christine Corcos’ book An International Guide To Law and Literature Studies (William S. Hein, 2000) (2 volumes) is now available in digital format and fully searchable through Hein Online’s Spinelli’s Law Library Reference Shelf.

Professor Heidi Thompson presented “Going Undercover — Using Assignment Cover Sheets to Identify and Assess Time Management Skills, Editing Strategies and Work Ethic”at the LWI conference in Portland, Ore.

Professor Philip Hackney was interviewed by WWL-TV for its story “ProjectNOLA Crime Camera Fees Raise Questions About Nonprofit’s Funding.” Read and watch the story here.

Professor Philip Hackney is quoted by The Daily Beast for its article titled “Donald Trump Accused of Using His Charity as a Political Slush Fund.” Read the article here.

Associate Dean Ray Diamond was a panel discussant of Mitchell F. Crusto’s  Involuntary Heroes: Hurricane Katrina’s Impact on Civil Liberties (2015), Law & Society Association Annual Meeting on June 3.

On June 3, Professor Christine Corcos presented her work in progress, How Can It Not Know What It Is?, at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association in New Orleans.

On June 2, Professor Missy Lonegrass presented her work-in-progress, Lawmaking, Legitimacy, and Legislative Commentary at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association in New Orleans.

Associate Dean Ray Diamond testified before Senate Judiciary B Committee, State of Louisiana, on the subject of H.C.R 2 and the implications of the proposal for a constitutional convention to amend the United States Constitution on June 2. That testimony is available here at 1:35:40 to 2:07:46.

Associate Dean Ray Diamond presented “Pearson v. Murray, Missouri ex rel Gaines v. Canada, and the NAACP’s Road from Plessy to Brown,” delivered as part of a panel titled “The Social and Legal Effects of the Adoption of the Reconstruction Amendments – 1860’s to 1930’s,” part of the Symposium on Reconstructing Reconstruction: The Historical Impact of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments Symposium before the Second Circuit Judicial Conference on May 25.

Spring 2016

On May 20, Professor Missy Lonegrass presented her work-in-progress, Reconceptualizing Residential Tenancy as Property–A Theoretical and Doctrinal Approach, at the 7th Annual Meeting of the Association of Law, Property, and Society hosted by the School of Law of Queen’s University Belfast.

Associate Dean Ray Diamond testified before the House and Governmental Affairs Committee of the Louisiana House of Representatives about the implications of SCR 152, intended to call a constitutional convention to impose term limits and fiscal restraint on the federal government, and to limit its power and jurisdiction on May 18.That testimony is available here.

Professor Robert Lancaster was recently invited to speak at the 36th Governor’s Conference on Juvenile Justice. He gave a lecture on the impact of family violence on child and adolescent development.

Professor Keith Hall was quoted by the Journal of Petroleum Technology for the article “Seismic Shifts in Oklahoma Lead to Stricter Regulations,” which appears in the May 2016 issue.  The article examines recent developments relating to an increase in earthquakes that scientists believe are being triggered by the operation of injection disposal wells.

Professor Philip Hackney was quoted by Tax Notes for the article “Foundations Revealed in Panama Papers Unlikely to Be US EOs.”

Associate Dean Ray Diamond testified before a committee of the Louisiana House of Representatives about the implications of holding a constitutional convention to overrule Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2010), as called for by HCR 13. That testimony is available here, at 54:20 to 1:07:57. He also testified before the a committee of the Louisiana Senate about the implications of SCR 52, intended to call a constitutional convention to impose term limits and fiscal restraint on the federal government, and to limit its power and jurisdiction. That testimony is available here at 2:41:00 to 2:52:15.

Professor Christina Sautter’s latest article, “The Golden Ratio of Corporate Deal-Making,” was published in The Journal of Corporation Law.

Professor Philip Hackney was interviewed by WWL-TV for its two-part story “The Good Life? Practices at New Orleans East church questioned.” Read and watch the story here.

Professor Philip Hackney was quoted by the Wall Street Journal for the article “House Republicans Seek to Block IRS Collection of Nonprofit Donor Data.” Read the article here.

An excerpt of Professor Christina Sautter’s Brooklyn Law Review article on the use of go-shop provisions in public company merger agreements was quoted in Claire Hill, Brian JM Quinn and Steven Davidoff Solomon’s new textbook, Mergers and Acquisitions: Law, Theory, and Practice (West 2016).

Professor Philip Hackney was quoted by Tax Notes for the article “Pot Church May Not Provide Catechism for Aspiring EOs.”

Professor Christine Corcos was interviewed by the Washington Post in the April 11 article “Why Hollywood studios are taking a stand against an anti-revenge-porn bill.” Read the article here.

Professor Christine Corcos has completed a three-year term (2013-15) on the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Selection Committee (Social Science and Humanities Research Council Division). She was one of three non-Canadian members of the 14-member committee. Read more »

Associate Dean Ray Diamond has co-authored two chapters in Anglo-American Legal Language 3 (2016),“Constitutional Law in the United States” and “Administrative Law in the United States.”

Professor Philip Hackney recently published an op-ed piece in TaxProf Blog regarding the IRS and tax-exempt religious groups. Read it here.

Professor Jeff Brooks, Director of Externships & Moot Court/Trial Advocacy Program, received the Pamela M. Young Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service at the International Rounds of the 2016 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.

Professor Philip Hackney presented a paper titled “Subsidize the Heavenly Chorus? 501(c)(5) Labor Unions and Tax Exemption as part of the 19th Annual Critical Tax Conference at Tulane Law School. Read more about the event here.

Professor Michael J. Malinowski’s new book, Handbook on Biotechnology Law, Business, and Policy: Human Health Products from the Laboratory Bench to Market Approvals, was released by West Academic Publishing.

Professor Ken Levy recently published an op-ed piece in the Times-Picayune regarding Louisiana and Presidential politics. Read it here.

Professor Christine Corcos’ article Ghostwriters: Spiritualists, Copyright Infringement, and the Right of Publicity, in Law and Magic: A Collection of Essays (C. A. Corcos, ed., Carolina Academic Press, 2010) was cited by Parker Higgins in his article “How Mark Twain’s ghost almost set off the copyright battle of the century,” published in Fusion, March 2, 2016.

Winter 2015

Professor Christina Sautter’s latest article Fleecing the Family Jewels, which examines crown jewel lock-up options in public company mergers, was just published in the Tulane Law Review.

Professor Paul Baier was interviewed by WAFB Channel 9 on his friendship with Justice Scalia.  View the interview here.

Professor Philip Hackney’s latest article, Charitable Organization Oversight: Rules v. Standards, was just published by the Pittsburgh Tax Review. Read it here.

Professor Paul Baier was featured at the Midwinter meeting of the State Bar Association on same-gender marriage, including his role as constitutional counsel in Costanza v. Caldwell, which declared unconstitutional Louisiana’s prohibition of same-gender marriage.  See him in action here.

Professor Philip Hackney was cited on the TaxProf Blog on Jan. 20, 2016. Check out the article by Chodorow & Hackney: Post-Graduate Legal Training — The Case For Tax-Exempt Programs

Professor Philip Hackney was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle article, Super Bowl committee raising millions, with little transparency.

Fall 2015

Professor Luis F.B. Plascencia of Arizona State University recently cited Professor Darlene Goring’s article, In Service to America: Naturalization of Undocumented Alien Veterans, in his essay, The military gates to US citizenship: Latina/o “aliens and non-citizen nationals” and military work.

Professor Christina Sautter’s book chapter, Tender Offers and Disclosure: The History and Future of the Williams Act, is forthcoming in the Research Handbook on Mergers and Acquisitions to be published by Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. and edited by Professors Claire Hill and Steven Davidoff Solomon.

Associate Dean Raymond Diamond was recently interviewed on LPB’s “Louisiana: The State We’re In” regarding the constitutionality of recent gubernatorial attempts to forestall the entry of Syrian refugees into their states.

Professor Ken Levy’s article, US law reviews’ dirty game: review by student,” published through the Times Higher Education, has been posted on the Tax Prof Blog and Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports.

Associate Dean Raymond Diamond was recently quoted in the Times Picayune article, “Lawyers Scoff at Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Syrian Refugee Ban.”

Professor Elizabeth Carter’s article,The Illusion of Equality: The Failure of the Community Property Reform to Achieve Management Equality, has been identified by Cyra Choudhury as one of the best works of recent scholarship relating to Family Law, in a review published today in Jotwell: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots).

Professor Keith Hall was recently quoted in the Baton Rouge Business Report article, “The Land War.”

Professor Melissa Lonegrass presented, “Hidden Law-Legislative Commentary in a Mixed Jurisdiction,” on November 11 at the Law & Society Faculty Forum, a Southern University Law Center Faculty Initiative.

Professor Christina Sautter presented her forthcoming article, The Golden Ratio of Corporate Deal-making, during the 3rd Annual Corporate & Securities Litigation Workshop at Boston University School of Law in Boston, MA.  Her article will be published in the Journal of Corporation Law in 2016.

Professor Philip Hackney’s article, Post-Graduate Legal Training: The Case for Tax-Exempt Programs, will be published in the forthcoming 65 Journal of Legal Education. Professor Hackney cowrote the article with Professor Adam Chodorow of Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.

The Louisiana Supreme Court recently cited Professor Hector Linares’s article An Open Door to the Criminal Courts, 71 La.L.Rev. 191, in a concurring opinion in State v. Roberson, 2014-CK-1996.

Professor Christina Sautter’s article, The Golden Ratio of Corporate Deal-making, was selected for publication in The Journal of Corporation Law.

Professor Philip Hackney will give two presentations at the ABA Business Law Section’s Annual Meeting in Chicago for its Nonprofit Committee. The first presentation will be, Disaster and Emergency Planning for the Nonprofit Organization: Preparing for and Responding to the Zombie Apocalypse. Professor Hackney will also present his paper, Taxing the Unheavenly Chorus: Why Section 501(c)(6) Trade Associations are Undeserving of Tax Exemption, which was recently published in the Denver University Law Review.

 On September 3, 2015, Associate Dean Ray Diamond was a panelist on “The Procedural Importance of Powell v. McCormick,” the 1969 Supreme Court case that resolved the question whether a house of Congress might fail to seat a member-elect for reasons other than those explicitly stated in the Constitution.  The panel was co-sponsored by George Washington University Law School and the National Association of Parliamentarians, as part of the association’s biennial meeting.   The event was recorded and will be later televised by CSPAN.

Columbia Law School’s CLS Blue Sky Blog featured Professor Christina Sautter’s article, Fleecing the Family Jewels, forthcoming in the Tulane Law Review.  The feature can be accessed here. The CLS Blue Sky Blog is Columbia Law School’s blog on corporations and capital markets.

A review of Professor Blake Hudson’s new book, Constitutions and the Commons, was recently published by the Canadian journal, The Forestry Chronicle.

The American Bar Association Journal used criteria developed by Professor Christine Corcos for jurors to select the “most important and most influential movies” of the past ten decades in their August 2015 issue. Professor Corcos was one of the jurors who selected the top most important and influential legal movies since 1915.

Professor Corcos published Seeing It Coming Since 1945: State Bans and Regulations of “Crafty Science” Speech and Activity, 37 Thomas Jefferson Law Review 39 (2014) as part of a symposium issue.

Professor Paul Baier was recently a guest on Bloomberg Radio’s “Bloomberg Law,” where he discussed a lawsuit brought by the National Rifle Association over Seattle’s new tax on the sales of firearms and ammunition. He was joined by Nancy Staudt, Dean, Washington School of Law-St. Louis.

Interim Co-Dean and Professor Bill Corbett recently published an article about the United States Supreme Court’s 2015 decision on pregnancy discrimination.  The article is titled Young v. United Parcel Service, Inc.: McDonnell Douglas to the Rescue?  It is published in the online edition of the Washington University Law Review Commentaries and later will be published in the print edition of the law review.

On July 30, 2015, at the annual meeting of the Southeast Association of Law Schools, Professor Michael Coenen served as a panelist for the “Newer Law Teachers Workshop,” presenting on the topic of “Creating Successful Methods of Assessment, Including Essay and Multiple Choice Questions.”  At the same conference, Associate Dean Ray Diamond was a panelist on two Constitutional Law workshops: on July 27, “Law Under Pressure: Ferguson, Missouri, Revisited”; and on August 1, “State Emergencies and the Constitution:  Lessons from the Tenth Anniversary of Katrina.”

On July 29, Professor Ken Levy, the Holt B. Harrison Associate Professor of Law, gave a lecture at NYU Law School for the SEO Law Institute introducing minority law students who will be attending the top 10 law schools in the fall to criminal law and law school generally. This is the second year that Professor Levy was asked to speak on the topic at NYU’s summer programs.

Professor Christina Sautter’s forthcoming article, Fleecing the Family Jewels, which examines the re-emergence of crown jewel lock-up options in M&A transactions, was featured on the M&A Law Prof Blog.

Professor Melissa Lonegrass spoke to the Real Property Committee of the New Orleans Bar Association on Wednesday, July 29.  Professor Lonegrass discussed her recent article, The Anomalous Interaction Between Code and Statute: Lessor’s Warranty and Statutory Waiver.  Her talk focused on recent Louisiana case law addressing the effects of contractual waivers of a landlord’s obligation to maintain and repair leased premises.

Professor Keith Hall spoke on the topic “Induced Seismicity: An Energy Lawyer’s Guide to Legal Issues and the Causes of Man-Made Earthquakes” at the 61st Annual Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute in Anchorage, Alaska on July 16, 2015.

Associate Dean Raymond Diamond, appeared on Louisiana Public Square’s July 22, 2015 program Symbol or Statement? History in Public Spaces, discussing the societal implications of the display of the Confederate Battle Flag, the maintenance of Confederate war memorials, and the constitutionality of secession during the Civil War.

On July 17, Professor Ken Levy appeared on LPB’s, Louisiana: The State We’re In, discussing Glossip v. Gross, the Supreme Court’s recent decision about the death penalty and its implications for Louisiana.

Associate Dean Raymond Diamond recently appeared on LPB’s, Louisiana: The State We’re In, discussing the implications of Obergefell v. Hodges, the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision on same sex marriage.

Professor Christina Sautter’s article Fleecing the Family Jewels was selected for publication in the Tulane Law Review.

Professors Paul Baier, Melissa Lonegrass, and Olivier Moreteau presented papers at the Fourth Worldwide Congress of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists, Montreal Canada, on June 25-26, 2015. Professor Baier presented, The Constitution as Code, Professor Lonegrass presented, Code and Commentary in a Mixed Jurisdiction—The Louisiana Experience, and Professor Moreteau presented, Teaching the Civil Law in Louisiana: Should the Professor Be System-Neutral or Militant?

Professor Melissa Lonegrass’ article, Eliminating Landlord Retaliation in England and Wales—Lessons from the United States was recently featured on the PropertyProfBlog of the Law Professor Blogs Network.

Professor Hector Linares recently served as faculty for the National Juvenile Defender Center’s JTIP Summer Academy held at the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington D.C., an intensive week-long training for select juvenile defense attorneys from across the country.  Professor Linares also recently conducted trainings for juvenile public defenders in Oxford, Mississippi and Atlanta, Georgia.

Professor Elizabeth Carter was quoted in the article, Legal Battle for Saints Owner Tom Benson’s Fortune is Likely Far From Over, in the Times Picayune.

Professor Robert Lancaster was a panelist at the 38th Annual AALS Conference on Clinical Legal Education. The panel topic was “Birds of a Feather Teach Together: Collaborations Between Law Clinic and Externship Faculty to Educate a New Generation of Reflective Practitioners” and addressed creative ways law schools can increase experiential educational opportunities for their students. Professor Lancaster spoke specifically about new initiatives in the LSU Law Center’s clinical program that give students practical training in the real practice of law.

Vice Chancellor Raymond Diamond testified before the Louisiana Legislature on June 2 on the implications of the proposal for a constitutional convention to amend the U.S. Constitution.

Professor Melissa Lonegrass’ article, Eliminating Landlord Retaliation in England and Wales—Lessons from the United States, was recently published in Volume 75 of the Louisiana Law Review.

Spring 2015

The Louisiana Law Review recently published Volume 75, Issue 4. Issue 4 includes five professional pieces covering the Model Business Corporation Act, landlord retaliation, frivolous civil appeals, vendor’s privilege, and oil and gas mythology in Louisiana. Issue 4 also features four student pieces discussing nonpecuniary damages, noncompetes, natural servitudes of drain, and postmarital agreements.  Please visit the Louisiana Law Review’s website for more information.

Assistant Professor and Teaching Fellow Kat Macfarlane testified in front of the Louisiana Health and Welfare committee on May 7, 2015, in support of HB 319, which requires doctor notification before certain forms of medications known as biologics are replaced by pharmacists for biosimilars. She was interviewed in connection with her testimony on Talk 107.3 and NBC 33.

Professor Philip Hackney’s article, Should the IRS Never ‘Target’ Taxpayers: An Examination of the IRS Tea Party Affair, is forthcoming in the Valparaiso University Law Review. The article was recently mentioned in a Forbes blog and in Bookforum.

Professor Hackney was recently quoted in a USA Today article regarding the NFL’s decision to give up the tax-exempt status for its league office.

Professor Jeffrey Brooks received the 2015 Steven Schneebaum Award at the White & Case International Rounds of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition that was recently held in Washington, DC. The Jessup Competition is the world’s largest moot court competition, with participants from over 550 law schools in more than 80 countries.  The Schneebaum Award is presented to an administrator of one of the qualifying rounds of the competition held around the world.  Professor Brooks received the award along with Jennifer Englader.  Brooks and Englander co-administered the United States-South (New Orleans) rounds.

The Louisiana Law Review recently published Volume 75, Issue 3. Issue 3 includes four professional pieces covering Louisiana future advance mortgages, the role of traditional legal institutions in law reform, changes in the Louisiana law of pledge, and the private right of action under Louisiana securities law. Issue 3 also features four student pieces discussing Louisiana Mineral Code article 190, hydraulic fracturing and subsurface trespass in Louisiana, dedications to public use in Louisiana, and the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment.  Please visit the Louisiana Law Review’s website for more information.

Winter 2015

Professor Keith Hall’s article, The Application of Oil & Gas Lease Implied Covenants: Old Meets New, was cited multiple times by the Ohio Court of Appeals in its opinion in Yoder v. Artex Oil Co.  Professor Hall’s article was published in the 32nd Annual Proceedings of the Energy & Mineral Law Institute.

Professor Christine Corcos was recently quoted in the article, Patenting a Magic Trick is Tricky Business, in Vice Magazine.  Professor Corcos was also interviewed for the article, The Big Picture on Photo Consents in Veterinary Brief.

Professor Michael Coenen’s article, Combining Constitutional Clauses, has been accepted for publication in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review.

Professor Blake Hudson received the Nathalie Molton Gibbons Young Achiever’s Award from the University of Montevallo.

Professor Hector Linares served as faculty for the Louisiana Public Defender Board’s recent Juvenile Defender Training.  He presented on the topics of Families in Need of Services and Developing a Theory of the Case.  The training was held in Baton Rouge.

On February 2, Professor Philip Hackney took part in a conversation about the IRS and Nonprofits on “The Source,” a Texas Public Radio Program.

Professor Robert Lancaster recently gave two presentations at the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts – Louisiana Annual Conference:Transformative, Facilitative, and Evaluative Mediation Models and Ethical Considerations in Family Mediation. Students from the LSU Civil Mediation Clinic assisted by serving as actors in a mediation role play that Professor Lancaster used to demonstrate different mediation styles. The Conference was sponsored by the LSU Family Mediation Clinic and was attended by judges, family lawyers, child-custody evaluators, parenting coordinators, and forensic financial divorce experts from around the state. The goal of the conference was to bring all of the professionals operating in family courts together to discuss best practices and consider improvements to the family court system.

Vice Chancellor Raymond Diamond appeared on LPB’s Louisiana Public Square on January 28, to discuss “Louisiana After Ferguson: Who is Policing the Police in Louisiana?”

The Louisiana Law Review recently published Volume 75, Issue 2, which centers around the Law Review’s 2014 Symposium, “The Rest of the Story: Resolving the Cases Remanded by the MDL.” The Issue includes four professional pieces on multidistrict litigation as well as four student pieces discussing various topics, including mineral servitudes, testamentary formalism, free speech, and remediation damages. Please visit the Louisiana Law Review’s website for more information.

Professor Bill Corbett’s article, What Is Troubling About the Tortification of Employment Discrimination Law?, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 1027 (2014) was recently published.  The article was included in a symposium issue of the Ohio State Law Law Journal, Torts and Civil Rights Law: Migration and Conflict.

Professor Philip Hackney presented a paper as part of the panel panel discussion, “IRS Oversight of Charitable and Other Exempt Organization-Broken? Fixable?,” at the AALS Annual Meeting on January 3.

Fall 2014

Professor Bill Corbett presented, “The Perils of Hiring and Firing,” to the Louisiana State Library Administrators’ Conference in Baton Rouge on November 14.

On November 5, 2014, Professor Philip Hackney participated in the discussion,”Should Sports Leagues Be Tax Exempt?”, sponsored by the DC Bar Association.

Professor Ed Richards was recently interviewed by Voice of America on public health law and civil rights.

Professor Elizabeth Carter was featured in WalletHub’s recent study examining 2014’s Richest and Poorest States.

The Louisiana Law Review is pleased to announce the publication of Volume 75, Issue 1. Issue 1 discusses topics such as the Supreme Court’s latest opinion addressing the Fourth Amendment, contract law and the Hand Formula, the Confrontation Clause, and the Fair Housing Act. Please visit the Louisiana Law Review’s new website for more information.

Professor Philip Hackney was recently quoted in two articles regarding the NFL: Why is the NFL a nonprofit? and NFL’s Tax Break: Out of Bounds?.

Professor Philip Hackney participated on a panel titled, “Enterprise Risk Management for Nonprofit Organizations: Meeting Challenges to Tax-Exempt Status,” on September 13 at the annual ABA Business Section meeting in Chicago.

Summer 2014

Professor Heidi Thompson will present, “Are You Ready for Some Football?” – to Effectively Teach the Appellate Process?, at the New England Consortium of Legal Writing Teachers Conference in September.

Professor Katherine Macfarlane’s article “A New Approach to Local Rules” will be published in a forthcoming volume of the Stanford Journal of Civil Rights & Civil Liberties.

Professor Edward Richards was quoted in the article, Congress, Fretting Over Secrecy, May Miss Bigger Research Problems, that appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education on July 14.

Professor Keith Hall served on a panel that discussed “Perspectives on Latin American Civil Law Issues in AIPN Model Contracts” at the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators Model Contracts Workshop in San Francisco on June 24, 2014.

Professor Hall and Professor Arash Dahi Taleghani of the LSU Department of Petroleum Engineering co-authored a paper titled “Using Technology to Avoid Trespass Liability Based on Subsurface Intrusions of Hydraulic Fractures,” which was accepted for publication in connection with the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference that is co-sponsored by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists.  The conference will be August 25-27, 2014 in Denver, and Professor Hall will present the paper on August 27.

On June 19, Professor Lee Ann Lockridge provided commentary on the WJBO morning show regarding the implications of the recent decision by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ordering cancellation of several trademark registrations owned by the Washington Redskins.

Professor Ken Levy’s article, It’s Not Too Difficult:  A Plea to Resurrect the Impossibility Defense, will be published in New Mexico Law Review.

Professor Levy’s op-ed, “Veto Allows Mistreatment of Animals to Continue,” was published on June 20 in the Times Picayune.

Professor Olivier Moreteau was awarded the John Ashby Hernandez III Memorial Francophone Leadership Award by the Louisiana State Bar Association at the General Assembly and House of Delegates meeting on June 5 at the annual Bar Association Convention in Destin, Florida.

Professor Christina Sautter presented her work-in-progress tentatively titled Judicial Disconnect? as part of the Examining Market Actors panel at the Law and Society Association (LSA) Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN on May 31, 2014.

She also served as a discussant on the Corporate Governance & Locus of Power panel at the LSA Annual Meeting on May 30, 2014.  As a discussant she commented on papers written by Professors Jayne Barnard, Tamara Belinfanti, Elizabeth Nowicki, and Megan Shaner.

Professor Sautter’s article Auction Theory and Standstills: Dealing with Friends and Foes in a Sale of Corporate Control was published in the most recent issue of the Case Western Reserve Law Review.

Professor Philip Hackney presented his paper, Taxing the Unheavenly Chorus: Why Section 501(c)(6) Trade Associations are Undeserving of Tax-Exemption, at the 9th Annual Junior Tax Scholars Workshop on June 7.

Professor Philip Hackney was recently quoted in the Politico article, IRS to Rewrite Nonprofit Rules Amid Criticism.

Professor Darlene Goring will participate in the conference, ”Patriots or Invaders? Immigrants in the Military in Modern America?” hosted by the Princeton Center for Migration and Development, May 23-24.

Teaching Fellow Kevin Bennardo’s article, Decoupling Federal Offense Guidelines from Statutory Limits on Sentencing, was published in the most recent issue of the Missouri Law Review.  His commentary, A Perspective on the Proposed Amendments to the Drug Distribution Guideline, is forthcoming in the April 2014 issue of the Federal Sentencing Reporter.  And his latest article, Post-Sentencing Appellate Waivers, was recently accepted for publication in the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform.

Professor Robert Lancaster was a panelist at a plenary session of the American Association of Law Schools Annual Clinical Legal Education Conference held in Chicago, Illinois in April 2014. The plenary was titled “Curricular Reform — Preserving the Integrity of Experiential Learning.”

Professor Michael Coenen’s article Rules Against Rulification has been accepted for publication in the Yale Law Journal.

Professor Coenene’s article, Spillover Across Remedies has been published in Volume 98 of the Minnesota Law Review.

Teaching Fellow and Assistant Professor of Professional Practice Katherine Macfarlane has been invited to teach at Loyola Law School’s “Journalist Law School,” a four-day seminar for professional journalists held each May in downtown Los Angeles.  She will present on “How to Access and Interpret Federal Dockets When Reporting On Federal Cases.”

LSU Law Visiting Professor Paul Finkelman was recently interviewed by National Public Radio regarding Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action.

Professor Jeffrey Brooks was recently quoted in the Baton Rouge Business Report article, “Do Not Delete.”

Professor William Corbett will be honored by the Louisiana Bar Foundation as the 2013 Distinguished Professor at their annual gala on April 11. Recognition is given to those individuals who, by reason of his or her professional activities, have distinguished themselves in their chosen profession and have brought credit and honor to the legal profession.

On April 15, Professor Philip Hackney will present at the 15th Annual Nonprofit Law Conference 2014 of Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education on “Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: Tax-Exempt or Not.”

On April 4, Professor Hackney presented his paper Should the IRS never “Target” taxpayers? An Examination of the IRS Tea Party Affair at Money in Politics: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, a law review symposium at Valparaiso Law.

Professor Hackney’s essay, “A Response to Professor Leff’s Tax Planning “Olive Branch” for Marijuana Dealers”, has been published in the Iowa Law Review Bulletin.

On March 21, Professor Hackney presented his paper, Business Leagues, the Collective Action (Non) Problem and Tax Exemption at the Tulane Tax Roundtable.  He was a discussant for the paper, Taxing Human Equity, by Tulane Professor Shu-Yi Oei.

Professor Hackney has been invited to serve on Independent Sector’s 2014 Ethics and Accountability Advisory Committee.  This committee will provide guidance and direction on Independent Sector’s ethics and accountability portfolio, which supports and promotes the highest standards of governance, transparency and accountability in the nonprofit and philanthropic community.  Independent Sector is the leadership network for nonprofits, foundation and corporate giving programs committed to advancing the common good in America and around the world.

Teaching Fellow and Assistant Professor of Professional Practice Katherine Macfarlane’s article “Analyzing the SDNY’s Amended Related Case Rule” will appear this summer in the NYU Annual Survey of American Law.

Professor Kenneth Mayeaux’s op-ed, Immigration Detainees are in Legal Limbo, was recently published in the Times-Picayune.