West Conference Room White Board

This tutorial will explain how to use the electronic white board in the West Conference Room.

This is the electronic white board in the West Conference Room. To use it properly you will need regular whiteboard markers, the electronic whiteboard marker holder and eraser, and a USB flash drive.

This is the electronic white board marker holder.  

The marker holder contains a normal whiteboard marker and will record the marks put on the board electronically.

This is the electronic white board eraser. This specially made eraser will remove regular and electronic marks from the board.

This is the white board control panel. To use the white board, first erase the white board with the specific eraser firmly. Notice the slight buzzing sound when using the eraser and marker. The sound means it’s working properly.

After erasing the board, press the “Erase” button once (do not press twice) to ensure any stray marks have been deleted.

If you erase the board by accident, you may hit the “Erase” button again to restore anything that was erased.

Next you will need to insert a flash drive/USB stick into the port at the bottom left of the board.

This is the white board USB port.

Here is the USB port with a flash drive inserted.

After you’ve inserted your flash drive, you may use the specified white board marker to write on the white board.

To save any writing to the flash drive, just hit the “Image Save” button on the white board control panel. The writing will be converted to a JPG image that will be saved on your flash drive.

After saving your writing to the flash drive you may continue with a new image by erasing the board with the eraser and hitting the “Erase” button on the control panel to ensure there is no overlap between the old and new writings.  However note that once the button is pressed, any marks written on the board will clear out the previous info from the board’s memory and can’t be brought back.