West Conference Room Laptop

This tutorial will explain how to connect a laptop and project an image in the West Conference Room.

You will need 2 cables to connect a laptop in the West Conference Room: 1) a VGA cable and an Ethernet cable for internet access. These cables are provided inside the West Conference Room.

VGA cable with 1/8 inch audio cable

Ethernet cable


The cables are located in the West Conference Room inside the drawer circled above.


To connect to the LCD projector you will need to connect the VGA cable to the VGA input on your laptop.


This is the VGA cable connected to the VGA Input.

For audio to be delivered from the laptop to the room speakers, it is necessary to connect the 1/8-inch audio cable to the headphone jack on the laptop.


This is the 1/8-inch audio cable connected to the headphone jack.

In order to connect your laptop to the Internet, you will need to connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the laptop.


This is the Ethernet cable connected to the Ethernet port.


This is the panel where you will need to connect the VGA cable to in order to connect it to the projector. It’s located at the front of the room below the white board on the left.


Here is a shot of the VGA cable with audio cable attachment connected to the panel.

To the right of the VGA cable panel is the Ethernet port. You will need to connect the Ethernet cable to this jack in order to receive proper wired internet access.

This is the Ethernet jack with the Ethernet cable properly inserted.

Once your laptop is connected via the VGA cable and the optional audio jack:

1. Press the Power On button. The projector will turn on. The screen will display the image that is currently displaying on the laptop.
2. Press the Screen Down button to lower the screen out of the ceiling.