Document Camera

This tutorial will explain how to use the Document Camera located on the media podium.

The Document Camera will project books, papers, transparencies, etc.

Projecting from the Document Camera

Press the Document Camera Power Button. That will automatically bring down the screen and turn on the projector.

Alternately, pressing the Document Camera button on the touchpanel will also activate the screen, projector, etc.

Adjusting the Document Camera

The first button on the right of the Power button is the Lamp button. To view books and papers the two overhead lights needs to be lit. To view transparencies the light beneath the transparency needs to be lit. To change the light mode, press the Lamp button.

These are the additional controls for the Document Camera. The only ones you will need to use are the Zoom buttons which zoom in on the object placed on the camera screen, the Focus buttons which enables you to adjust the camera to clear up any blurriness, and the Iris buttons which will brighten or darken the image.

There are also limited controls for the Document Camera available on the touchpanel. They are limited to:

1. Zoom
2. Focus
3. Lamp