Courtroom PC

This tutorial will explain how to use the computer located in the media podium.

Press the All button in the Select Destination area to open the selection menu above.

Press Computers to access the computers available for display.

Press the PC button to display the PC in the podium. By pressing this button, you will dim the lights, lower the screen, and project the image shown on the PC monitor. The projector will need about one minute to warm up.

The PC is in the cabinet of the podium. If you need to insert a CD or DVD into the PC, press the Eject button circled above.

This is the PC in the “open” position. Place your CD or DVD in the tray and gently push it back into the PC.

This is the cable cubby. Its located on the podium to the right of the touchpanel. To insert a flash drive into the PC, please use the USB cable located here.

These are the cables in the cable cubby. The cable on the right (circled) is used to connect your flash drive to the PC.

Additional USB ports can be found on the PC.