Courtroom Laptop

This tutorial will explain how to connect a laptop and project an image from the media podium.

This is the media podium. The screen at the left is the PC display and the touchpanel is on the right. To connect a laptop you will need to use the VGA and Ethernet cables located in the cable cubby on the far right.

The cable cubby contains: the Ethernet cable (left), the VGA cable (middle), and USB cable (right).

Plug the VGA cable with its attached audio cable into your laptops VGA input and headphone jack.

This is the VGA cable connected to the VGA input.

This is the audio cable connected to the headphone jack.

If youre using the Internet, plug the Ethernet cable, also in the cubby, to the Ethernet port on your laptop.

This is the Ethernet cable connected to the Ethernet port.

Once your laptop is connected via the VGA cable and the optional audio jack, press the All button on the touchpanel to open to menu above.

Press the Computers button on the Source menu.

Press the Media Center Laptop button.