Auditorium Podiums

This tutorial will explain the different types of podiums available in the McKernan Auditorium.

The McKernan Auditorium has 2 types of podiums available for use. One large podium or four smaller sized podiums.

This is the smaller podium. Each of the four smaller podiums have one gooseneck microphone. All four of the podiums can fit on the stage at one time.

This is the back of the podium.

This is the gooseneck microphone that is available on all four small podiums. When the green light is on that means the microphone is active and ready for use. When the podiums are on stage the microphones should always be active.

This is the large podium. There is only one for use in the Auditorium. It has extra features that the smaller podiums do not have.

This is the fixed microphone on the large podium. It is the same type of microphone as on the smaller podiums.

This is the cable cubby on the large podium. The large podium has audio/visual capabilities that allow a user to connect a laptop to the podium for projection on the screen in the Auditorium.

This is a shot of the cubby in the open position. It has various connections for a laptop as well as outlets for power.

The cables available in the cubby are (from order of left to right) an audio cable to bring sound to the Auditorium from a laptop, a VGA cable for video, and an HDMI cable for newer laptops. Note that if your laptop has an HDMI cable connection it is not necessary to connect the audio cable. There is also an ethernet cable for potential internet access. For further explanation on laptop connections, see the Laptop page for the McKernan Auditorium.

Lastly, behind the podium on the right is the height control. This raises and lowers the podium to better accomodate people of different height. Simply press the up or down arrows to adjust the height of the podium.