Auditorium Laptop

This tutorial will explain how to connect a laptop to the LCD projector in the McKernan Auditorium.

This is the stage in the McKernan Auditorium. To connect a laptop you will need to use a VGA cable or HDMI cable and connect it to one of the cubbies in the floor of the stage.

This is the cubby located on the stage. There are 2 cubbies where you can connect a laptop. At the center of the stage and on the far right of the stage.

This is the inside of the cubby. Ethernet is also available in the cubby if needed. Cables may be located inside the cubby but if not they can be requested from Educational Technology.

From left: (1) Ethernet cable, (2) HDMI cable, (3) VGA cable, and (4) audio cable. You can use the audio cable to get sound from your laptop into the Auditorium.

For VGA connection you will need to connect the VGA cable to the VGA input on your laptop.

This is the VGA cable connected to the VGA Input.

For audio to be delivered from the laptop to the room speakers, it is necessary to connect the 1/8-inch audio cable to the headphone jack on the laptop.

This is the audio cable connected to the headphone jack.

In order to connect your laptop to the Internet, you will need to connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the laptop. Most laptops will indicate the Ethernet port using the symbol located on the left of the port in the picture.

This is the Ethernet cable connected to the Ethernet port.

Note that depending on the type of laptop, the VGA connection, Ethernet port and headphone jack could be located in different positions.

For HDMI connection here is the HDMI connector.

Here is the HDMI cable connected to the laptop. Note that an HDMI cable carries both audio and video so there is no need for an audio cable to be connected to the headphone jack. Also note that HDMI connections are a newer addition to laptops so if you have an older laptop you may not have the option to connect to the monitor via an HDMI cable.

Once connected to your chosen output (VGA or HDMI) you will need to make sure the corresponding cables are connected in the auditorium cubby.

Here are the VGA and audio cables connected in the cubby

Here is the HDMI cable connected the cubby. Note again that you only need either the HDMI or VGA cables and NOT BOTH.

Here is the ethernet connection inside the cubby. It is located on the opposite side that the VGA and HDMI connections are.

Here is the ethernet cable connected in the cubby.

After all connections are made properly and the laptop is powered on, the screen in the auditorium will descend automatically and display the image on your laptop.