Auditorium Microphones

This tutorial will explain the different microphones available in the McKernan Auditorium and how to operate them.

There are three types of microphones available to use in the McKernan Auditorium:

Podium microphone
Handheld microphone (Available from Instructional Technology Services)
Lav microphone (Available from Instructional Technology Services)


This is the podium microphone.  Both the large and small podiums have one each.  They are on by default.


This is the handheld microphone. To turn on the handheld microphone, switch the handheld mic from Off to On.


The handheld microphone in the On position.


This is the lavalier microphone. It is a hands-free microphone for speakers who wish to move about the auditorium.


The microphone has a clip that you may apply to a tie, shirt collar, coat lapel, etc.


The body pack may be placed in a pocket or clipped onto a belt. It also has its own power switch that must be turned on before it is audible in the auditorium.


The lav microphone in the On position.

When you are finished with the microphones, the handheld and lav microphones have their own power switches that must be turned off.  The podium mics do not and will stay powered on.