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September 2008

Former Vice Presidential Chief of Staff and Tennessee Attorney General Burson to Teach Constitutional Election Law at LSU Law Center
September 26, 2008

Charles Burson—a former Tennessee attorney general who served as counsel and chief of staff to Vice President Al Gore from 1997-2001—will teach a new one-hour course during the spring 2009 semester at the LSU Law Center, "The Supreme Court and Presidential Elections."
The course uses Bush v. Gore as the platform for exploring the still unsettled role of the U.S. Supreme Court in Presidential elections, but also makes broader inquiries into equal protection, the political question doctrine, Federalism and Article II of the U.S. Constitution. In seeking the legacy, if any, of Bush v. Gore, the course will explore the role of the Supreme Court as an institution and the unintended consequences of the Court's addressing these issues.
Burson is currently a visiting professor at the Washington University School of Law and of counsel to Bryan Cave LLP in St. Louis. From 2001- 2006, Burson served as executive vice president, general counsel, and secretary of Monsanto...

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Law Center’s CLE Program Covers Bankruptcy, Estate Planning in October Seminars
September 26, 2008

October will be a busy month for the LSU Law Center's Continuing Legal Education Program, with seminars across the state in Baton Rouge, Monroe, and Lake Charles.

Online registration and seminar schedules are available at Registration is also available by phone at 225/578-5837.

The Law Center's Center of Continuing Professional Development extends the knowledge and resources of the Law Center to the Louisiana Bar. The center offers some 20 professional development seminars each year in various locations throughout Louisiana. It is one of the largest and most respected providers of professional education - and CLE credits, which are required of attorneys - in the state.

The monthly schedule begins with the 14th Annual Bankruptcy Law Seminar, Oct. 9-10, at the McKernan Law Auditorium in the LSU Law Center. On Oct. 16-17, the 38th Annual Estate Planning Seminar will also be held at the McKernan Law Auditorium.

On Oct. 23-24, the Monroe Convention Center...

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La. Supreme Court Chief Justice Pascal F. Calogero Jr. to be Actor in Constitution Day Play
September 23, 2008

As part of the LSU Law Center's Constitution Day festivities, Thursday, Sept. 25, La. Supreme Court Chief Justice Pascal F. Calogero Jr. will be a guest performer in "Father Chief Justice," a play by LSU Law Professor Paul R. Baier.

The performance will begin at 12:40 p.m. in Room 110 of the Law Center.

Calogero will play the role of former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Edward Douglass White in Act V of the play.

The play is a joint endeavor of the Louisiana Bar Foundation and the U.S. Civil War Center, and is sponsored by the LSU Law Center and its Student Bar Association, the LSU Law Center Federalist Society and the Louisiana Bar Foundation.

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LSU Law Center Admissions Office Selects Ambassadors
September 17, 2008

The Office of Admissions has selected the following students to serve as Law Ambassadors for 2008-2009.

Jonathan Brown, Sarah Cable, Airzola Cleaves, Jeff Coreil, Alex Dutton, Mia Etienne, Becky Jacobs, Suzanna Johnson, LaToya Jordan, Jennifer Lambert, Sarah Lambremont, Megan LeBato, Darrell Miller, Kristi Richard, Diana Serrano, Scott Sternberg, Jameson Taylor, Brad Trevino, Janell Weil, Sarah Weissman, Victoria Viator, and Mana Yegani.

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LSU Law Center Students Recognized for Excellence in Trial Advocacy
September 16, 2008

The LSU Law Center recently held two school-wide events – tryouts for the National Trial Team and the 3rd Annual Opening Statement Competition.

The following students were selected to the National Trial Team and will represent the Law Center this fall at National Trial competitions, the National Pretrial Competition, and the ABA American Arbitration Competition. Those students include: Robert Abendroth, Michelle Anderson, Michelle Bergeron, Airzola Cleaves, David Conachen, Megan Donohue, Andre Gaudin, Bridget Hillebrand, LaToya Jordan, Dax Mallory, William Murray, Stephanie Noriea, Alana Odom, Lauren Pinac, Adam Savoie, Mackenzie Smith, Michael Smith, and Celeste White.

In the Opening Statement Competition, Michelle Bergeron and Mia Etienne were named winners. More than 60 second-year law students competed in the event, with each presenting opening statements in a civil matter involving a disabled prison guard who claimed he was discriminated against after being terminated....

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Afghan Judge Hashimi Visits Law Center, Discusses Legal System in Afghanistan
September 15, 2008

Abdul Saboor Hashimi has been present for some very pivotal moments in Afghanistan's recent history. He remembers Russia invading his country when he was two years old, and soldiers claiming the purpose was to save them from an American invasion. He remembers his mother disciplining him by saying, "be quiet or the Russians will get you."

Now, Hashimi, a trial judge from the Balkh Province of Afghanistan, is at the forefront of another sea change – namely that of the Afghanistan legal system from Taliban rule to a system comprised of a Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal and Primary Courts.

It is a heavy undertaking and an evolving process, as Hashimi recently acknowledged to a room of LSU Law Center students and faculty members, but the payoff will be an important one for his country.

In 2007, Hashimi was selected by the Chief Justice of Afghanistan to participate in an international judicial fellowship at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C. With the fellowship ending this...

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Chancellor's Message to Law Center Alumni and Friends
September 10, 2008

Dear Alumni and Friends of the Law Center:

For those of you within Louisiana, I hope this message finds you and your family well following events of this week. It will be some time before our communities return to normal, but Louisianians are resilient. I have received numerous calls expressing concern for the Law Center, so I write to give you a brief report from the campus on how your Law Center is faring in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav.

There is a lot of good news and very little bad news.

  • First and foremost: as far as we're aware, students, faculty, and staff are safe and well. Some are still without power but in one piece and working to restore their daily lives in an astonishingly good-natured frame of mind.
  • The Law Center's physical plant sustained some damage but none that has significantly affected our operations. We are in the process of surveying and analyzing the damage at this time. There were trees and tree limbs down around the perimeter of our buildings but the...

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Law Center to reopen next week, closed through Friday, Sept. 5
September 3, 2008

Dear Students, Staff and Colleagues:
            Per my earlier e mail, I met this afternoon with Chancellors Martin and Richardson as well as various other LSU officials engaged in dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav.  The main campus will announce shortly that it will remain closed on Thursday and Friday. After reviewing the situation with others, I have concluded that it would be appropriate for us to follow suit. Thus we, too, will remain closed for the rest of this week. Our building is in good shape and we fully expect to resume classes early next week. Indeed, I think it is fair to say that we all are anxious to get back to business as soon as it is safe and feasible to do so. But we cannot reasonably expect you to return with daily life in the broader LSU and Baton Rouge communities as disrupted as it currently is. We also understand that many of you have issues to deal with at your homes that will require...

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Latest Information - Hurricane Gustav - Sept 2
September 2, 2008

Dear Students, Staff, and Colleagues:

Hopefully this finds all of your safe and sound albeit in some cases greatly inconvenienced. 

I am writing from my office to provide you with a brief update on the situation here at the Law Center.

There appears to be no serious damage to our building. We have lost a few small trees and there are tree limbs down in the parking lots but as far as we can tell the building—exterior and interior-- is in good shape.

Power has been restored to our building as of a short while ago. Both our e mail server and our website are now up and running. Please continue to follow the LSU main campus emergency information site at for further instructions and updates. There is a link to that site on our Law Center home...

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