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Mana Yegani
Class of 2010

"The law, particularly international law, has always fascinated me because it is a way to connect people across the globe to one another, particularly in the corporate and business world."


92% of graduates of the Class of 2012 (with 99% reporting) were employed as of 9 months after graduation. Some 77% of the graduates were employed in positions where bar passage was required; an additional 7% were employed in positions where J.D. was an advantage. Click here for the Employment and Salary report.

Bar Information

Applicants for admission to the Louisiana Bar must have good moral character. Good moral character includes honesty, trustworthiness and other traits relating to the role of a lawyer in society and the legal system. Admission is contingent on the accuracy of information received. Failure to fully disclose information may result in the revocation of an admission offer or in disciplinary action by the Law Center or Bar disciplinary authorities.

The requisites for admission to the practice of law in Louisiana as prescribed by the Supreme Court may be found in Rule XVII of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Louisiana. Under the provisions of the present rule, graduates of the Law Center are required to score 80 or higher on the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) and pass the Louisiana State Bar Examination to gain admission to practice in Louisiana. Students must successfully complete the Legal Profession (LAW 5721) prior to sitting for the MPRE. More information about the MPRE may be found at

The rules for admission to the Louisiana State Bar require that law students who are prospective applicants must participate in the Law Student Registration Program administered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). The student must submit an application and fee to the NCBE no later than October 1 of the second year of law school. Students should keep a copy of this completed form for future reference. Once an application is received, the NCBE will conduct a character-and-fitness investigation and submit a preliminary report to the Louisiana Committee on Bar Admissions. The NCBE forms from the Louisiana Supreme Court Committee on Bar Admissions are available online at . Different states may require character-and-fitness investigations prior to admission to the State Bar. Please contact the appropriate State Bar for information.

Applicants for the bar examination who have participated in the Law Student Registration Program must submit a supplemental report to the Committee on Bar Admissions on a form provided by the NCBE on or before February 1 for the July bar exam, or on or before November 1 for the February bar exam. Once completed, forms are returned to: Louisiana Supreme Court Committee on Bar Admissions, 2800 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Suite 310, Metairie, LA. 70002, with a fee made payable to National Conference of Bar Examiners.

Different states may require character-and-fitness investigations prior to admission to the State Bar. Please contact the appropriate State Bar for information.

Louisiana Bar Courses

The following courses are covered on the Louisiana Bar Examination:

Administration of Criminal Justice I (5010)

Administration of Criminal Justice II (5401)

Basic Civil Procedure I (5007)

Business Associations I (5300)

Business Associations II (5301)

Civil Law Property (5006)

Commercial Paper (5304)

Conflict of Laws (5705)

Constitutional Law I (5008)

Constitutional Law II (5421)

Criminal Law (5009)

Evidence (5605)

Family Law of Persons (5208)

Federal Courts (5603)

Louisiana Civil Procedure I (5701)

Louisiana Civil Procedure II (5702)

Legal Profession (5721)

Matrimonial Regimes (5202)

Obligations (5002)

Sales (5204)

Security Devices (5704)

Successions (5703)

Torts (5003)

UCC Security Devices (5320)

These Courses are arranged as follows on the Bar exam:

Bar Designation LSU Courses
Civil Code I Civil Law Property; Family Law; Matrimonial Regimes; and Conflict of Laws
Civil Code II Successions; and Conflict of Laws
Civil Code III Obligations; Sales; Security Devices; UCC Security Devices; Civil Law Property (Possession and Prescription); and Conflict of Laws
Torts Torts; and Conflict of Laws
NIL and Corporations Commercial Paper; Business Associations I; and Business Associations II
La. Code of Civil Procedure La. Civil Procedure I; and La. Civil Procedure II
Constitutional Law Constitutional Law I; and Constitutional Law II
Federal Jurisdiction and Procedure Federal Courts; and Basic Civil Procedure I
Professional Responsibility The Legal Profession
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