Economic Development

One of the Energy Law Center’s primary goals will be to enhance the economic development of the energy industry in Louisiana as well as nationwide.  To foster economic development the Energy Law Center will:

  • Provide expertise in energy law, as well as training and resources to guide or establish legal structures to drive economic success in the energy sector;
  • Develop specialized resources useful to business and legal professionals, state government entities, and policy makers; and
  • Establish seminars and other programs focusing on local economic development. Through the Center’s interdisciplinary strengths, these programs will be able to draw on and connect a wide variety of stakeholders, both in the private as well as the public sectors.

It is anticipated that graduates of the Center will serve as industry leaders and legal experts with the training to bring a comprehensive vision to the most complex energy enterprises and issues, leaders who will play crucial roles in generating new business activity while enhancing the national and international reputation of the Law Center and the University as a whole.