Joseph Dainow
Saúl Litvinoff

History of the CCLS

The CCLS was established in 1965 as a division of the then LSU Law School for
the purpose of preserving and enhancing the civil law component of the Louisiana
legal system. Professor Joseph Dainow, a distinguished scholar formed as a civilian
in his native province of Quebec in Canada, was the first director of the CCLS
and, during his term, the writing of treatises on the law of property and the
law of obligations were started, as well as translations of important works
of French doctrine. In 1975, Professor Saúl Litvinoff was appointed to succeed
him, and during his period several volumes of the ongoing treatises were finished,
and books on jurisprudence, Louisiana substantive law, and numerous monographs
saw the light. In 2005, Professor Olivier Moréteau came from France to occupy
the Senator Russell Long Chair of Excellence and assume the direction of the

For a more complete note by Professor Saúl Litvinoff